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Amy Jo Siegert

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Written by: Amy Jo Siegert

    I am the youngest of 9 children and now the mother of 5.   My husband is the oldest of 7 children (they say oldest & youngest attract, right?).  Big families are a natural part of our existence!  We spend a lot of time together as a nuclear family and also with our extended families, fortunate to live within 3 hours driving distance of the whole crop of 'em.  
    Families and personal histories are very special to me, as I grew up listening to my parents tell stories of their childhoods, their faith & values.  Even though I had lots of brothers & sisters, I was sure of my parents' love for me and for the whole family.  God was good to us and continues to bless us every day!  That is not to say we don't have our family dysfunctions or crosses to bear--but we are strong in our love and in our faith that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (if I may borrow from Romans 8:28).  
     By today's standards, we lived simply and were "poor".  My mom and dad are farmers, and the family farm was small.  We milked 20 cows and at various occasions raised pigs, beef, and chickens.  No cab tractors or 8-row corn pickers, no fancy milking equipment or barn cleaners.  Aside from small tractors everything was done via the Armstrong Method, and it served us well.  (Of course, having 5 sons and 4 daughters certainly contributed to the labor force!)  I think each of my siblings could vouch for the fact that many important life lessons were learned growing up on the farm with a good work ethic.  Our story as a farm family is not that unusual for the 50s, 60s, or 70s, I presume.
    Now as young (but quickly aging!) parents, my husband and I are trying to get back some of that "simple living" as we raise our own kids.  It is difficult to do in this fast-food, info-at-your-fingertips, me-first world.  We are finding that the first thing we have to do is keep asking God for help in raising thoughtful, responsible, hardworking children.  Everyone knows that is not an easy task, certainly not one that we can do by ourselves.  Parenting, like life, is an ongoing adventure!     

Amy Jo Siegert

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Proud wife of my wonderful husband, Mark. Can't forget our dog Mickey!