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49 Games in 35 Days (June 2012) 

Date Range: 01/01/2010 To 12/31/2020   Comments: 0 Views: 167
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Here are the troops, ready to take on the ball field for another summer!!

The day after school let out, we had a 2-day tournament.  Cy is on the Little League (grade 5-6) team this year!

The boys had only had 2 practices before this tournament, so I thought they did pretty well for opening weekend.  I think we've established that I am no expert on sports, so just bear with the Mom Report.

Cy's team played Gabe's team, and guess who got to pitch an inning?

Cy and Gabe are 2 months apart and closer than that in most other aspects of life.  Gabe has 3 brothers, while Cy has none--but Gabriel is definitely like a brother to our son.  Cy's team beat Gabe's team on Saturday, but Gabe's team beat Cy's on Sunday.  So everything turned out even --whew!

Then it was Monday night and the official start of Shae and Paige's softball careers!  See those smiles?? That's what makes their games so fun to watch :)

Shae on first...

Paigey batting, but this must have been after hitting it because she bats left!

Shae at the plate...

...and 2 hours later, the MAJORS with Ally on the mound!

This girl works and works and works at her pitching.  All. year. round.

She has her ups, and she has her downs.  Most everything in softball is on the pitcher.  Ally throws very hard, but sometimes the ball doesn't go where she would like it to go.  And so we have the occasional hit runner or walk.  Things you just have to shake off and plow through.

Her dad and I (and Dr. Ken B. her pitching consultant!)  are really proud of her!  We are also thankful for the coaches who are taking the time to work with all of  our kids this year.  It is no reflection on them when I complain about the excessive number of games that we have each summer.   I mean, come on--does an 11-year-old really need 22 games and 2 tournaments to consume their summer (and their parents' time, money, and energy)? I think not.  Kinda sucks the fun out of sports.  But for now, we are only 2 weeks I shall not complain TOO much...yet.  

There are some pretty cool moments out there.

And it's neat to see family members who watch the games.

And the ball field makes me feel closer to Dad :)

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