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Silver (November 2012) 

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This poor blog.  I really have so much to talk about, and yet I don't have the TIME!!  Here's the last week in pictures, starting with the afternoon before the state championship...

 First half we were up, 14-12.  I think it's customary to interview the winning team's coach at that point....

I didn't take a whole lot (if any) pics in the 2nd half.  It wasn't as successful for us as the first half.  Hats off to Glenwood City for playing a tough game.

But while they were over there celebrating their gold ball, the Potosi team and fans were LOUDER and SOUNDED EVEN HAPPIER AND PROUDER as we celebrated an AWESOME SEASON and a SILVER BALL!!

So much to be proud of and thankful for!!  Great job, guys.  We are all so proud of you!!!

 Post-game chow session at Hometown Buffet.

 The mass of fans waiting back at school for the Welcome Home ceremony!

 My good friend Mary and me....we've led middle school youth group & did Bible study together.  She has two boys on the team, too!

 Hunter taking off the Chieftain cap and making Coach put on the Packer hat !!

 Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers Coach of the Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Mr. Mengel knows that Mr. Siegert is a Bears fan, and so the presentation was made with a flourish.

 A really neat honor for a really great coach. (in my humble and unbiased opinion)  Just another reason I love the Packers!!!

 Coach Siegert takes a moment to thank the crowd and everyone for their support over the many years it took to get to this point.

 The seniors played a tremendous part in anchoring this team.  They were given a chance to say a few words.

 Tears of sadness for a season, a prep career being over....but tears of joy for the great run.

 Wynne makes friends wherever she goes.  Bridget and her share a hug!

 The home team!

 A player and his coach.  Can anyone measure the impact of a good coach on a young person's life?

2012 Division 7 State Runners-up.

Not too shabby!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; his steadfast love endures forever.  --Psalm 136:1

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