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Miracles Do Happen 

Date Range: 04/04/2010 To 04/04/2010   Comments: 0 Views: 8295
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I experienced a Miracle.

No Doubt in My Mind

I suffered a paralyzing spinal injury was  gaiven a 5% chance of ever walking again Prayed and was granted the Miracle

The whole story is much too long and involved to include here so to read it you must google Mickey Mantle Miracles or if you don't trust links -- Google 'Spinal Injury recovery Mantle" and my site will come up #1 in the results and Google has checked it for mal-ware.

Sorry BUT if you want to read my award winning story you'll have to take the time to do that. I would Not know how to edit it into a shorter version.

The recovery took me 2 1\2 AND it is impossible to fit the story and Pictures into a few paragraphs.
Mickey Mantle Plays a part in my recovery

I am glad to do  interviews with any type of media - TV - Radio - Magazine - Newspaper Just contact me OR send a comment to me and I will respond 

I hope you are inspired to take the time to find mywebsite read it then Do something with your life after reading it.

I am Bill Tomk Cape Coral FL

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