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My Story 

Date Range: 05/03/1999 To 07/16/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 844
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 My name is Diamond Ganter. Me and my sister Dominique Was Taken From Our Mom at the age of 4 from our grandma . My grandma adopted me and Dominique . Our mother was on drugs and was in poor condition . My mother was leaving us home alone , locking us in our room when she left , didn't feed us and more nasty things. My mother was in the hospital and me and Dominique was by her side until my grandma came and took me and my sister away.

  As me and Dominique got older my dad came to hang out with us one day. We even went to my moms house and she was saying things like "they don't wanna go home " , "they wanna stay with me". After a few hours my mom let us spend the rest of our day with him. As days go on we would talk to him on the phone . Years went by my dad stopped calling and we never heard from him again. Me and my sister felt unwanted by than knowing our parents wasn't in our life for 11years . It's hard going to sleep and waking up knowing our parents aren't going to be by our side.
  Me and Dominique are 15 years old now. We get calls from our mom every now and then. I would always question her like "where are you staying?" Or "you have a job?" Or are you getting any better?" . And all I can hear and remember my mom saying "don't worry about me just go to school and get your education !" And "I love you and miss you!" . EveryTime I hear her voice I just tear up or start crying and shell always say "don't cry". My life is hard knowing I've been through so many things . I pray that my life would get better but things never seem to go as I planned .
  The fact that me and my sister are crying our self to sleep every night because we feel our life isn't perfect and that good things never happen. We feel to smile on the outside but we are hurt in the inside . Me and my sister will look in the mirror for hours and feel ugly , not pretty , hated and unwanted . We felt no one really cared for us and that we had the feeling not being on earth anymore . Us crying in the shower and at night till we get headaches . Our family thinks we are doing fine but we aren't . We feel everyone has forgotten about us.
  Me and Dominique love acting and modeling . We've been told that we should. We've got 6 different additions . But deep down inside we felt something wrong and wasn't right . We wanted our dreams to come true . We always wanted to act and model  with each other . We was so happy that we was getting the chance to do this . But we felt like we weren't going to make it . That our family wanted us not to be happy . When we found out we couldn't do it because we didn't have a car . Our heart just dropped . We started crying thinking about what we could've been . I love august alsina , nicki , diggy simmons and roc royal from mindless behavior and Dominique august alsina , nicki , drake , trey songz , Jacob latimore and ray ray from mindless behavior . We thought our life was just now starting and that we get to meet the people we love the most but we didn't . It broke our hearts seeing something we loved so bad being to waste.
   I was really scared writing this and thinking that people are going to read what I go through . I really don't care cause this isn't my full story . Me and Dominique been through more than this . We didn't wanted to hold it in anymore . We don't care who reads this cause maybe they are going through the same thing . We wanted to speak up we didn't want this holding us in from achieving the things in life . We pray every night that things get better and we won't have to be sad anymore and crying every night because we hate life . We want people to know what we been through before they see us and see how different we act . We a tired of not being heard but all we can do is pray for a better life .

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