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Here is where you can change your password. We recommend that you change your password on a regular basis to prevent anyone from finding it and using it to access it through your login. A good password usually contains letters and numbers and isn’t the name of your pet or your children or something that is easily discovered. A good password might be something you can remember that triggers a sentence such as “I like great movies” could be “ILGr8Mvs”
  • Old Password: to change your password you need to enter first your old, correct password.
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  • Secret Question & Answer: we add the Secret Q&A in case you have forgotten your password and wish to retrieve it from the system. You will be asked or "challenged" by this question in order to make sure that a hacker is not attempting to gain access through your password.
    • Choose one of our standard Secret Questions from the Drop down box
    • Add your own Secret question
    • Answer: then enter in your answer and save the changes