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Account > Deleting an Account

The goal of Story of My Life is to have at least one story about everyone on this planet. However, if you would like to delete your Account, after you've considered the option of instead making everything private until you're ready to publish it, then in order to Delete your Account you must login and Contact Us directly.

Why Can't I Delete My Own Account?

We have put this requirement to contact us for deletion simply for your protection. These are supposed to be your legacy stories, the formal "history" that you leave imprinted digitally on the internet for future generations. Many of our users spend a lot of time and energy on the site producing stories, uploading and tagging photos and so on. If you can imagine the distress it would cause if someone, as in the case of one of our users, an ex-spouse was able to access a computer where a password was on auto-save and, logged in as that user, didn't like what had been written and deleted all the Stories and requested we delete the Account. Luckily we were able to restore the Stories (although this may not always be the case) and communicate directly with the user who indeed did not want the account deleted.

The email deletion request must come from the email in which the account is registered. If you no longer have access to that email, then please explain the situation fully in your messsage to us (e.g. you no longer work at that company, etc).

We will be happy to delete your Account in full if requested. Please login and Contact Us with the pertinent information.

One final plea before you delete your entire Account with us. Remember that this is a legacy that you leave behind for your children, future readers, and more. There is most likely already a plethora of information about you on the internet, much of which you probably have on control over its content. So think about when readers are reading about you in 100, 500, 1,000 years from now, why not control what it is that they are reading about you?