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Account > Transaction Details

You can check your Account at any time and see what information you’ve given us, what credit cards you’ve used in the past to make purchases, how much space you’ve purchased or Networks you’ve activated and how much they cost.
Show Credit Cards on File:
The system does not display your full credit card for security reasons, but if you would like to keep a card on file for automatic billings such as for your yearly Network fees, or be able to add Space to your site, you can store your cards on this page. Note that you are not required to store any cards; you may enter in the information for each purchase.
  • Add a New Credit Card:
    • Credit Card Number:
    • Name on Credit Card: enter your Name exactly as it appears on your credit card
    • Address: enter you billing address and contact information for your credit card.
    • Card Type: select the type of card from the drop down box.
    • Expiration date: enter the date of expiration of the card in month/year format.
    • Security Code: enter the 3 or 4 digit code found on the back of your card. Why do we ask for this? It’s an extra step of protection for you that helps the merchant account verify the likelihood that you are actually using the physical card and not a stolen credit card number.
    • Auto renewals: you may select which card you would like to use for your yearly auto-renewals for your Networks etc. After 12 months from the original purchase date your card will be automatically billed for the following 12 month time period.
  • Edit a Credit Card: you may Edit a credit card at any time.
  • Delete a Credit Card: you may Delete a credit card at any time. Note that Deletion is permanent and this action cannot be undone.