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The cost that is set for Verification is an additional feature if you would like to "prove" that you are who you say you. The Verification is especially a great tool if you have a common name and wish to show the world that you are not a made-up Story or a person who might be accidentally mixed up with someone else. It’s important that we take our Legacies left for the future generations very seriously, so we have added this extra step of Verification that will help with this future identification.

That Credit Card information matches Profile information. If this information matches from the merchant account (Citibank and that the information on the credit card matches the details on the credit card your site will be Verified and the Verified Logo will be on your Story pages to show your Readers that we’ve verified that you are who you say you are. In that manner, someone without a credit card to match at this time cannot be Verified (note: we will add services on in the future for this!) so for example, a father cannot have his Daughter verified at this time if he is the one paying for the daughter’s Story. She can still have a Story and he can be Verified but for the time being that will be all. But don’t worry – we are adding all sorts of new features and programs for the future!