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Address Book > Main

Show Contacts:
When you click on any Contacts Folder, you will see in the main section all the members in this Contact list.
  • Sort: you can sort your Contacts by clicking on the column headers:
    • Name: sort your Contacts alphabetically by Last Name, First Name.
    • City: sort your Contacts alphabetically by City.
    • Story ID: sort your Contacts alphabetically by their Story of My Life ID’s.
    • Contact Info: shows the Contact’s information such as phone, email etc. The icons hint to you that the information is there or else it would not show. Click on the individual’s name to see the full contact information.

Add New Contact:
To add a new Contact to a Folder, you must first tell the system where to put the Contact.
  • Selection location to put the Contact:
    • Family: place this Contact in your Family folder. It will prompt you in the drop to choose which Family to add this Contact to.
    • Friends: place this Contact in your Friends folder. It will prompt you in the drop to choose which Friends group to add this Contact to.
    • Groups: place this Contact in your Groups folder. It will prompt you in the drop to choose which Group to add this Contact to.
  • Choose how to find the Contact member to add
    • Add by Story of My Life Story ID: if you choose this selection the information will be automatically filled in for you in the Contacts section (and you may Edit this content at any time).
    • Search: the system will search for matches to the criteria entered into the fields below. If you get no results, you may want to remove some of the criteria, change the spelling or data and search again.
      • Results: the system will display any matching results and you may choose from them to
    • Add Manually:
      • Enter Contact Data:
        • Name: enter this Contact’s first and last names here.
        • Gender: enter this Contact’s Gender here.
        • Date of Birth: enter this Contact’s Date of Birth here.
        • Location: enter this Contact’s Location here.
        • Email: enter this Contact’s Email here.

Edit Contact:
You may Edit any Contact at any time.

Delete Contact:
You may Delete a Contact at any time. Please note that if you Delete a Contact all of the information associated with this Contact will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.

View Mode:
You may look at your Contacts in either "thumbnail" mode or list mode. You may switch between these modes at any time.
  • Thumbnail View: shows you scaled down, smaller versions of your Contacts (pictures).
  • List View: text title and description of your Contacts.

Move Contact:
You may decide that a certain Contact fits better in another category or group, so you may select that Contact and then choose the "Move to" drop down to select another category group to place this Contact. Save the new Setting and this Contact and all its information will be moved to the new location.

  • Public: Others can see your Contact.
  • Private: no one else can see your Contact (unless it’s part of a shared Network, then only those group members have access to it.