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Calendar > Add a New Event

You may add a New Event to your Calendar. Note that you must be in the correct Calendar to show on that Calendar, especially if it’s a shared Calendar such as in your Networks.
Subject / Title of Event
Enter a name for your Event.

Start / End Date(s) & Time(s)
Enter the Start and Finish Dates and Times of your Event.

Access Rights
Set the Access Rights for who can view this Event.
  • Friends: your Friends will be able to see this Event.
  • Family: your Family members will be able to see this Event.
  • Custom: you select, from your Contacts, which individuals can see this Event.

Send Reminder
Yes/No – choose whether you would like to Send a Reminder to anyone (including yourself!) who can see this Event.

Send Reminder Via
If you select "Yes" to Sending a Reminder above, you may choose how you want to send the Reminder via:
  • Email: The system will send an automatic email through our secure server to those recipients you have chosen
  • Alert Box: the system will send and Alert to all involved parties for the Event and when a user is logged in he/she will see it in his/her Alert box.
  • Both: you can send Both an Alert and an Email notification for this Event.

Send Reminder On (date)
If you have chosen to send a Notification of the Event, you may also choose WHEN you would like to send it by selecting any time from the current time (now) up until the Event date and time.