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Family > Calendar > Add a Calendar Event

Start your event by giving it a title
  • Start / End Times: choose your beginning and ending times of your event. It may be hours, it could be days.
  • Set Access Rights: you may set the access rights so that all Family Members in the Network can see it, or custom set access rights to only particular people -> great if you’re planning a surprise for someone!
  • Send Reminder: you may send reminder notifications to involved parties
    • Send By: you may choose to send your reminder notification by email through our secure server, or have it be an Alert in everyone’s inbox when the log into Story of My Life, or both!
    • Send On: choose the date to send the email notification. You may send right away, 2 days before the event, or whenever you like. The system will store the future release date and automatically send the notification on that day and time.