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Who can sign my Guest Book?
Registered Members of the Story of My Life website may sign your Guest Book.

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Can anyone post to my Guest Book anonymously?
No, users who sign your Guest Book will be shown as their name they are registered under and if they have a Story on the Story of My Life site it will be a link directly to their Story.

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Can I Delete unwanted Guest Book entries?
Yes, you may select Guest Book entries and Delete them if you do not feel they are appropriate for display on your website. Alternatively, you may choose not to publish a Guest Book entry. The difference between deleting an entry and not publishing an entry is that if you delete it, it will be removed completely from your Story. You will not see it, nor will anyone else. If you choose not to publish it, you can still see the Comment but no one else can with the one exception of your Guardian if we have contacted a Guardian to take over your site. Please see Help > Guardians for more information.

Delete a Guest Book entry by checking the box on the entry and clicking the  Delete icon:

Keep a Comment from a Guest Book entry private (so that only you can see it) by selecting > Published: “No”.

You may choose to automatically publish all Guest Book comments and entries by selecting the Auto Publish: “Yes” feature on the Comments section.

Please note, if you delete a Comment on your own Story, that Comment will be deleted and not show on your Story pages anywhere. However, they may still show on the person’s Story who left the Comment for you. If you feel that such Comments are libelous, false, derogatory or inflammatory, please contact Story of My Life through the Help Contact Us form to report abuse.

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