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FAQ - Networks (Friends & Family Intranets)


How do I activate a Family or Friends Network?
In addition to writing the Story of your Life, you have the ability to connect with friends & loved ones in a safe, private intranet or “Network”. YOU decide who gets invited, YOU decide how the Network is managed.

Start by clicking on the “Add a New Family (or Friends) Network.”

Once you have activated a Friends or Family Network, the other tabs in the Network will then be activated (otherwise they will be greyed out and inoperable until activated):


You will see icon that shows if the Owner of the Network:

The Friends and Family Networks are exactly the same with the exception that the Family Networks have an additional tool of the Family Tree tab.

There are several places on the page that show always who is the Owner, and the Moderator(s).

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How do I add Members to my Networks?
Start by selecting which Family or Friends Network in which you would like to Add Members to by clicking on that Family or Friends group name in the Left Menu. If you click on the Add Member icon in the main part of the page, you will be prompted one of three ways to find the Member you wish to add:

a) Story ID: adding them through their Story of My Life ID such as “kristenk”. The Story ID can be found on the person’s Story profile.

b) Search: you may do a Quick or Advanced Search within all the Stories of the Story of My Life system and add or invite Members from the search results.

c) Add manually: if the user is not in the Story of My Life system yet, you may add him or her manually where you will fill in as much information about the Member as you can and the system will send an invite to the person inviting him or her to join your Network. This person may accept or decline the Invitation to join.

You may also Invite Friends or Family Members to join your Network by entering their email into the Invitation box in the Left Menu.

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Can I choose which Members can join and can I delete Members from my Networks?
Yes, if you are the Network Owner (meaning that you created the Network) you can control which Members are joined by requiring Approval, which you control, before joining and you may Delete Members at any time. This is a permanent action and cannot be undone. If the Network Owner deletes a Member from a Network, the Member is deleted from everyone’s list and will no longer have access to any portion of the Network.

If you are not a Network Owner, but you do not wish to see a particular Member listed as part of your own Network, you may Delete that Member by clicking on the Delete icon. They will not be permanently deleted from the Friends or Family Member as a whole until the Owner deletes them, but they will not show on your Friends or Family Members lists.

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Can I delete a Network?
If you are the Network Owner (meaning that you created the Network), you may delete an entire Friends or Family Network at any time by selecting the Network in the Left Menu and clicking on the Delete icon . Please note, that this action is permanent and cannot be undone. You will lose all of the Members, Files, Calendar Events, Forums and the Family Tree (if a Family Network) if you choose to Delete the Network. We suggest that you alert other Network members so that they may have a chance to move Shared Files to their own Story pages before deleting.

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Can other people outside the Network see the Members of My Networks?
No, Networks are private, personal networks that no one can see except the people who are members of the Network.

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Can I manage Forum posts on a Network Forum?
If you are the Network Owner, you can fix the publication settings to either publish new posts automatically > Auto Publish: “Yes” or to require approval before publication to the Forum by selecting > Auto Publish: “No”.

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Will my Network Forums be viewable by the Public?
No, only the Members of the Network can view the Forums posts.

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Can I Approve or Delete posts in a Forum?
If you are the Network Owner, you have the ability to Approve posts and to Delete them. Note: if you Delete a post, this action is permanent cannot be undone. We caution you to use discretion when deleting other people’s posts. Examples of good posts to delete would be ones that are derogatory or inflammatory or contain other inappropriate content matter.

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How do I manage Files in a Friends or Family Network Shared Files Vault?
Have files that you’d love to share with your Family members or a Friends Network? New baby pictures, a scanned copy of an A++ on a test, pictures of the last night out on the town?

When your Family or Friends Network is activated, you will see the Shared Files tab in your Network.

If you are doing it for the first, time, you will first be prompted to create an Album to store the Files inside your Network. Select whether the files are Photos, Audio, Video or Other and then give your Album a name (Title) and a short Description.

If you already have Albums created, select the destination Album.

Once you have selected or created the Album inside your Friends or Family Network, you will

1. select the Upload button on your Friends or Family Shared Files Vault (note: you must have an Album selected in order to upload).

2. Choose the File from your computer by clicking on the Browse button to see your Files. If you’d like to change the name of the file you may give it a new Title, and a short description about the file. Select whether you want this file to be part of your Forever Space (i.e. Permanent) or Temporary.

Then click on the Upload or Upload & Add Another button and you will see a progress bar while the file uploads to your Friends or Family Shared Files Vault.

Depending on your internet connection speed and the size of the file, your file will be uploaded and stored to your Friends or Family Shared Files Vault. You may move, edit or delete any Media File at any time.

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Can I add more Shared File Space to my Friends or Families Networks?
For the beta version of the Story of My Life site you will not be able to use more than the allotted space storage for each Network after it’s activated. (this feature will be added in the full launch of the version1). However, you can add Files to your own Personal Vault on your Story and invite your select Family members or Friends to view them.

We will be increasing this functionality in the future versions, so be sure to check back often!

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Will News items in my Networks be viewable by the public?
No, News items are made available to Network members only.

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How will the Network Members be notified of new News items that have been added?
When adding a new News item to your Network, such as an announcement of a job promotion, a new addition to the Family, or the passing of a loved one, the sender will be asked whether to send the News item via email. If “Yes” is selected, the Members of the Network who have chosen to receive email notifications will receive the message in an email sent through our secure server. If the sender selects “No” then Members will be notified of the new News item in their Alerts boxes when they log into the Story of My Life website.

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Will Events in the Network Calendar be viewable by the public?
No, Calendar Event items are only available to Network members.

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Can I send reminders about an Upcoming Event on a Network Calendar?
Yes, you can set Reminders that will remind the recipients, those whom you’ve given access rights to the Event, by selecting first that you’d like to send a reminder:

Then choose HOW you would like to send it:

And finally selecting WHEN you’d like the Reminder to be sent by entering in the date and time. The Reminder will be sent through our secure server through the Alerts, by email, or both.

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How much does it cost to activate a Friends or Family Network?
Networks are FREE and you may add as many as you like! Networks are a great, inexpensive way to keep in touch with far flung or busy loved ones.