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Why do you ask for personal information in the Profile?
The Profiles are a way to get confirmed information about you. As time goes on and the website gets larger and larger in the number of people over the years, this will become increasingly important when leaving your Legacy. Your Profile contains several facts about you, and it has a lot of information about your Past such as what schools you attended and what jobs you had. A person is so much more than just Stories and Journal writings. In order to give future generations a real 360 degree view of who you are, the Profile helps by showing your Hobbies, your background, your Interests and more.

Please see the questions below for questions about privacy on your Profile data.

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Who can see my Profile information?
It’s very, very important to make a note that NO information (except a name and Story ID) is required in the Profile. You can leave it completely blank (although we don’t recommend this; please read the questions above and below for reasons why) OR you can enter data but simply choose not to publicize any of your personal information.

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Can I enter in any information I want?
Yes, please fill in any field or information in your Interests and Hobbies section that moves you. Share your favorite books, movies, sports, passions, heroes, and more.

You can choose to publicize or keep private any single piece of data in your Profile. The default setting is to “public” so that people can find you and match to your interests, but no field is required and every field may be kept private. Simply check the radio button for each item you wish to keep private.

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What information is safe to publicize?
The Story of My Life group suggests that whatever level of information you feel comfortable in revealing is adequate. If you are of the Baby Boomer generation, for example, it’s most likely fine to put up what school(s) you attended and past jobs.

If you are uncomfortable with publishing your current location, job, school or any other information, you may keep it private for the time being or simply leave that field blank.

We note that no Story of My Life user under the age of 13 is allowed to use the site without Parental Guidance. It’s suggested policy that no one under the age of 18 should publicly display personal information about their location, where they attend school, or any other information that shouldn’t be made public.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

Read more about our Security & Privacy measures here.

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If I keep all of my Profile data private (not published) then should I add it anyway?
There are two very important reasons why you should fill in as much information about yourself as possible. The first is that the more information you add, the more that the system can index you and make you searchable. For someone who lost touch with you who’s been trying to find you, this information can provide those results. This is especially helpful if you have moved a lot, or if you have a common names such as “John Smith.” The second is for future generations to be able to do research on you. When your great-great-great-great grandchildren are researching the Family Tree, they will have an unbelievable wealth of information about you and your Life to enjoy.

Again, put only the information online that you feel comfortable putting.

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What is a Guardian?
Please visit the Help > FAQ’s > Guardian section for more details on Guardians.

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