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What is the My Story landing page?
This is the page that you will see when you log into the Story of My Life site and click on “Story” in the My Story pages. This is also what others will see when they first visit your Story. They will see your main photo, your date of birth, your Name as you’ve chosen to display it, some basic facts about you, and a short blurb about who you are.

Note: you may change ANY of this information at any time. And YOU choose what you want to display.

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How do I write the Story of My own Life?
Getting started is easy. First, click on the Story tab in the My Story pages. You will first need to add either at least one Chapter or one Category in the Left Menu about your Life in order to get started. Now, select that Chapter or Category, and in the main section of the page, click on the Add New Story icon and you will launch a page where you can begin writing this Story inside that Chapter or Category. You will assign it a Title and a start and finish Date so that the system may organize it into chronological order. You may write as much as you would like!

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How do I add a Chapter?
Adding a Chapter is very easy. A Chapter is a chronologically defined time frame that you give a title to such as “My Childhood” or “My High School Years”. You start by clicking on the add New Chapter icon in the Left Menu. This will bring you to a page where you set the dates of the Chapter (only the year is required so that the system can display them in chronological order), a Title, and a short description.

Once you have Chapters set, you can begin writing Stories inside each of the Chapters.

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How many Chapters can I create?
You may have as many Chapters as you want! Really it’s unlimited. You may then enter as many Stories inside each Chapter as you would like.

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How many Stories inside each Chapter can I write?
The number of Stories you can have is limited only by your ability to write them. Text takes up very little Space and it’s easy to compress, so writing a lot does not take up much at all of your Forever Space. We want to encourage you to write as much as you can! You may then add Media Files to each Story such as pictures, movies, music, documents and more.

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What is the difference between a Chapter and Category?
A Category is another way to cross reference the Story of your Life. A Category is a topic of which has interest in one or several places in throughout your Life Story. Examples of topics might be “My Pets” or “My Career” or “My Love Life”, topics which may occur many times throughout and across multiple chronological Chapters.

Say for example that you wanted to read the Story of Benjamin Franklin’s life. Granted, he may have had a wonderful home life and terrific children and discussions of his monthly poker night may be stimulating, but you just want to read about his Inventions. So rather than trying to read through his entire Story to find each instance of an invention, his Story could be cross-referenced by topics or subjects, like an index in the back of a book.

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How do I add a Category?
Adding a Category is very easy. A Chapter is a topically defined subject that you give a title to such as “The Cars I’ve Owned” or “My Best Friends”. You start by clicking on the add New Category icon in the Left Menu. This will bring you to a page where you Title and a short description.

By clicking on the box you can expand the list of all items, or by clicking on the to collapse the list.

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How do I assign Stories to Categories?
You may either write a Story directly inside a Category. For example if you wish to write about all the different pets you’ve ever had, and don’t want to worry about the timelines, you may write a Story about all of them or many Stories about each of them and group them into a Category.

If you are writing inside the chronological Chapters, when you are writing the Story you can select, at the bottom of the Story, which Categories (of ones you’ve established) that will index this particular Story. You may go back and add a new Category at any time, and you may assign and re-assign Categories at any time as well. An example of Categories one user established is below:

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Do I have to publish my Story? I have private things I don’t wish to share right away.
Can I release data in the future? Say in 50 or 100 or 1,000 years? Yes! Not only can you set a Future Release date for material to be automatically published at some future date you select, but you may also set Custom Access permission rules to allow only certain people to see your Story or Vault information.

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How do I add Media Files to My Story?
Once you are finished writing a Story inside a Chapter or Category, you have the option to “Submit and Add Media.” By clicking this button, your Story will be saved and you will be taken to a page that asks you whether you would like to select a File from your Vault, or whether you would like to upload a new File.

If you choose to Link File from the Vault, you will then be prompted to locate the File type from Pictures, Audio, Video or “Other” Files. Make your selection in the drop down, and the files will show below. Then select from which Album (or folder) you would like to find your File and checkmark the files, then click Submit. Depending on the file(s) size(s) and your internet connection speed, the status bar will show you approximately how long it will take to upload the files. You may Edit, Delete or Add new Files to any Story at any time.

If you choose to Upload a New File, your computer will prompt you to browse the files on your own computer to find the correct file. You may use the existing file name OR give it a new Title and a short description. Once you’ve located it, follow the same steps as above. Please note that files uploaded will also show in your Vault for future management in the “others” section.

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How do I manage Comments on My Story?
When you are looking at any Story inside any Chapter or Category, any Comments left by readers will be listed at the bottom for you to manage. Using the Edit and Delete icons you may delete a Comment and it will not appear to you or viewable by anyone on your Story, or you may choose not to publish a particular Comment, where it will still be on your site and you can see it, but no one else can see it.

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How can I read other people’s Stories?
To read someone’s Story, simply click on the “Browse Stories” Tab and you will be taken to a page of Randomly selected Stories. You may read these Stories, or do a “Search” for more Stories.

In addition you may click on the “Featured Stories” box to read highlighted Stories.

You may also click on the “People Who Match Your Interests” box to see others who share some connection to you such as being from the same home town or having the same interests or hobbies.

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How are those small images of people chosen?
Those pictures are called “thumbnails” and are chosen and uploaded to every User’s Profile and/or Account (you may Upload, Edit or Delete the “main photo” from either location). This picture will show whenever Stories are selected to be displayed such as in a Search result or a Featured Story.

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What is the List View?
The List View is simply another way of looking at results such as in a Search or Featured Stories lists. If you have a slower internet connection such as a dial-up you may choose this option for faster loading of the pages. Especially handy if you are doing a search with a lot of results and want to look through a lot of Stories quickly.

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How do I share my Story with Friends and Family?
Collaboration is a great element of the Story of My Life website. This social networking element ensures that your Story is not simply a static site sitting in ether space hoping that someone might stumble across it some day. It’s firstly part of a larger network, one location to find the entire Story of My Life interlinked Stories. Secondly, you connect by linking your Story to your Friends, Family members and Groups so that other people reading your Story tomorrow, in one year, in 10 years or 100 or 1,000 years will be able to see you from a 360 degree angle. Everyone’s life is a tapestry of people, events, thoughts, feelings and so much more.

You may Invite Friends and Family members to join your Networks. You may send anyone a link to your Story, or invite them to leave Comments on your Story.

To invite someone:

1. Depending on what page you are on, the Invite will send an invite to do a different activity. For example, if you are in the My Friends pages, sending "Invite Friends” from the Invite box in the Friends pages will invite people to join your Story as a Friend.

2. Click "Invite" to display a page to create the Invite.

3. Enter in emails of those you wish to Invite, separated by commas. Then choose in the drop downs first whether you would like to invite them to join as a Friend, Family member, or as a member of a Group. Depending on which category you select in the first drop down, the choices will show in the second drop down for WHICH Family, Friends or Group network to invite them to join. Each user will receive an email with a link to your Story or an invitation to join. Story of My Life users will also receive a notification in their Alerts box when the log in.

Read more about Invitations in the Invite section.

4. Compose your message and our secure server system will send an email to them (or an Alert if they are a Story of My Life member and have chosen not to receive emails) containing your invitation message.

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How do I delete an entire Story of My Life site?
To delete a site from the Story of My Life system, you must be the Site Administrator. If you are not the Site Administrator, please do the following to remove the Story from the site:

1. Click on the Email SOML Support tab at the top of the Help page to send an email request to our support team.

2. Please include the name of the site you wish to be removed from, as well as your email address and username to the site and reason for deletion.

3. The Story of My Life support team will determine if the request is legitimate and remove the site.

Please note, if you Delete an entire site this action is permanent and cannot be undone!

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