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FAQ - Verification


What does being Verified mean? What are the benefits of being Verified?
This is an extra step where our system determines if your details match who you say you are. This extra Verification step allows the world to know that they have the right person and not a phony account of any kind, or the wrong person with the same name such as “John Smith”. You get the Verified logo on your Story that shows the world you have received authentication by the Story of My Life staff. You may click on the Edit button on your Verification Status page to update this at any time then click “Submit” to save this information.

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How do I get Verified?
Under your Account details, click on the “Verification Status” link and you will see your current Verified status. If the Verification Status is sent to not being Verified, simply click on the Edit button and you will be sent to a payment portal where you can enter in your payment information. This information will be sent through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to the merchant payment account (which is an Authorize.Net™ portal on a Citibank™ merchant account) and matched against the information in your Profile. When the information is deemed a match (i.e. “Verified” to be legitimate) then you will receive the Verified status logo on your website. This will be viewable to anyone reading your Story.

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Can I verify my wife/ children/ grandparents?
For the beta launch we can Verify people whose information matches in your Profile matches the information used during the payment process. If someone does not pay for his or her own site, then the person cannot be Verified.

Please note: the Story of My Life site will increase the functionality of the Verification process in the near future! Check back for more details.

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