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When you read through Stories, or link to other people, or find poignant, funny, or otherwise memorable Stories, Files, Journal entries or the like, you can bookmark your Favorites and categorize them for easy reference.
Add a Favorites Folder
In the left menu, start by creating a Folder to which you can categorize your Favorites. There are several defaults set up for you initially. You may Edit, Delete or keep any or all of them.
  • Name of Folder: start a new Folder by giving the Folder a name.
  • Description: give a short description of the contents of the Folders for easy reference.

Edit a Favorites Folder
You may Edit a Favorites folder at any time.

Delete a Favorites Folder
You may Delete a Favorites folder at any time. Please note that is you Delete a Favorites folder you will delete all the contents of that Favorites Folder. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.