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Forever Space >Space Summary

Clicking on the Forever space image or the Space Used Report in the left side of your screen will bring you to the Forever Space summary page, where you can see a quick overview of the amount of space you have, the amount of space you have used, and how much space remains open for you to use. You may click on any of the other pages in this section to get more details about your Space, or view packages and buy more Forever Space

What is Forever Space?
There is a short version on this page, and if you’d like to read more in depth about the Story of My Life Foundation please visit their website at where we explain in more detail what "Forever Space" is, what our "Forever Promise" to you is, how we calculate our costs, what happens to your data and other transparent information about how we have the audacity to tell you we’ll keep your Space and Stories Forever.

Quick report:
This page shows you a quick overview of how much Space is on your site and how much you’ve used
  • Forever Space:this shows how much Forever Space you have purchased, how much you have used, and how much is left. You may purchase Packages of Space, or any amount of Space. The Forever Space price is calculated by a matrix that allows for long term future storage and back-up through an endowment fund in the Story of My Life Foundation.
  • Temporary Space: we always give you an extra amount of “temporary” Space to use. This Space is completely free, and will be kept so long as you are active by logging into your Story of My Life account every six months. If there is no activity after six months, we attempt to contact your Guardian if you have selected one or more, to find out about your space and files. Any non-Forever (permanent) files may be deleted.
  • Totals: Your total report will show you how much Space you’ve got on the site, how much you’ve used thus far, and how much space is unused (note: which may include some Temporary Space, which will NOT be kept Forever).