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Adding a new File the Shared File Vault is very easy. You may upload almost any kind of file including your photos, movies, jokes, recipes and much much more. There is a limit to the amount of space in the Shared Files area but you can always add more Space at any time! Please note: you may also upload any of the same Files to your own personal Vault and allow Friends members to have access to them. These Files will not be accessible through the Friends Network pages but through your own Story Vault pages.
  • Pictures: upload Friends photos to share
  • Audio: upload music or voice recordings to your site to share with other Friends.
  • Video: share your home movies, the last football game, the community save the forest day, anything that can be put on video you can upload and save here!
  • Other: how about uploading documents or other files of interest to share? Stories, poems, anything!