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Groups > Add a Member

Add a new Group member by finding them through:

Add Members via Story ID:
Enter in the Story of My Life “Identification” name that Member selected. You can find this on that Member’s Profile page or by looking at the Member’s Story and seeing it on the last part of the URL in your web browser.

Search Members:
You can use our sophisticated Search functionality to find a Friends Member to add to your Group. You can help narrow or broaden your search by name, gender, date of birth, location or email.

Add Group Members Manually:
If the person you wish to add is not yet a Story of My Life member, you may add him/her manually by entering some basic data about this person and then inviting to join the Group.

Invite Others:
Send an invitation to anyone you think might have an interest in joining this Group. The system will send an email notification to the recipient(s) through our secure server and the recipient can accept the invitation if he/she chooses.