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Groups > Approve Members

If you are the Group Owner, and the Group is set up to require approval for all potential Members joining the Group, you may choose to Approve or Deny the Member a Group activation.

If you deny a person the Group Membership, that person will not have any access to the Group.

Send Invite:
Would you like to add more Members to your Group? You may send them an email through our secure server here to join your Group.

You will prompted to verify that the Member is to be approved to join the Group. We suggest that you read the person’s Story pages to ensure that the person is the person you intended to have join the Group.

If you are the Owner you may Delete any pending Members of the Group who are awaiting approval. This is especially handy if you are searching for a long lost person and your search results are not yet yielding an exact match so that you can narrow down your search and its results.