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Invitations > Send Invitation

Invitations are a great way for you to invite your Friends and Family to join your Networks on Story of My Life and link their life Stories to yours. In addition the benefits of the Network not only allow you to link your Forever Stories but to communicate in a private and feature-filled Network system.
To send an Invitation, start by creating a Subject that will be the Subject of the email that is sent to the recipient such as "Join my Smith Family Network".

Send To:
Enter email address(es) separated by commas into the "Sent to" field and each member will be sent an Invitation through our secure server.

Join As:
Next, tell the system what you are inviting this person or people to do. Would you like them to join one of your Friends or Family Networks, or a Group? You will select which type, and then it will show you your Networks and you can choose to send the Invitations for joining that one.

Write your Message using the basic editing tools such as BOLD or colors or italics for emphasis.