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Journals > New Journal Post

your Journal postings are always listed in chronological order and archived past a certain amount of time (weekly).

Add a new Journal Post:

  • Title: start by giving your Journal entry a Title. This title will show on the excerpts in the lists, along with the first sentence or two of the post, when showing a full list of entries.

  • Date & Time: the system automatically enters the date and time of the Journal post so that it can be chronologically slotted for future reference.
  • Publish: while writing your Journal entry, you may choose to Publish this particular Journal post immediately, or save it as a Draft, edit or delete it, or publish it at a future date.

  • Access: you may also set each Journal post to be private, like your own private locked Diary, or you may set it to be viewable and searchable by the public.

  • Content: use the editor to create your posts with basic editing tools such as BOLD or colors or italics for emphasis.

Attach Files:
you may choose to add dimension to your Journal posts by uploading files to attach to a particular post. You may upload almost any type of file to your posts including pictures, videos, music, documents and more.
  • Link from file: you may upload a new file from your own computer and save to your Journal post (please note: if you attach a new file it will show up in your Vault under the “Other” category and you may edit this at any time. If you do not move this file into your Permanent Forever Vault Space and your website becomes frozen such files may be remove from the server if they are not “Forever” files. Read more about our Forever Promise here.)


  • Select an existing file from your Vault to attach to your Journal post.

Delete Files:
You may Delete attached Files to any Journal post at any time. Please note, if the File is not saved in your Vault as Permanent Forever Space and is Deleted the file may be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone. Don’t lose any Files! Move them all to “Forever Space” here.

Journal Comments:

if your Journal entry is public, people may leave Comments on your Journals musings. Comments are a good way to interact with the larger community on your thoughts. Only registered Story of My Life members can leave Comments on other people’s Journals.

  • Edit Comment: while you cannot Edit the content of a Comment left by another user, you do have the opportunity to Publish or leave unpublished a Comment left by someone else. If you leave it unpublished, it is not deleted but it’s also not publicly available on your Journal.

  • Delete Comment: you may Delete Comments left by other Users to your Journal entries. Please note: if you Delete a Comment it will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.

  • Auto Publish Comments: you may choose to have any Comments left by other readers automatically be published and viewable by others, or you may set the Auto Publish to “No” and you will have an option to approve and publish or delete each Comment. You will be notified in your Alert box when you have new Comments. Only registered Story of My Life members can leave Comments on other people’s Journals.

    • Published: Comments available for viewing by the public.

    • Unpublished: Comments that are not deleted but are not viewable to the public.