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Manage Comments to your journal:

when other Readers read your journal they may be moved to write Comments about your journal. These are encouraged to promote interaction with the Stories.
  • Edit Comment: you may write a reply to a Comment before publishing it.

  • Delete Comment: you may choose not to publish a Comment to your journal. If you do so, the Comment will not show on your journal. If you choose to Delete a Comment, while it will not show on your journal, it will show on the person who left the Comment. Please note, if you receive harassing or derogatory Comments from other Members you may read our User Agreement policy and may contact Support for any suspected abuse of the system.

  • Auto Publish Comments: you may choose the “Yes” setting to automatically publish all Comments. You may edit (reply) or delete Comments at any time. Choosing the Auto-Publish feature means that you do not need to approve Comments before they are posted to your site. If you choose “No” to the Auto-Publish feature, your Comments will be stored but not published until you approve them individually when you log into your journal. You will be notified of these pending Comments through your Alerts Box.