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Here is a chance to show others where you used to live.
Show Addresses
The Addresses landing page will show you any Addresses you have already added.
  • Sort: you may sort your Addresses list by clicking on the column Header titles.
    • City: sort your address alphabetically by the Cities you resided in.
    • Date Range lived: sort your Addresses chronologically by the dates you resided at those Addresses.

Add New Address
Add a new Address here.
  • Lived From: tell what date you started living at this Address. Note that only the year is required.
  • Lived Until: tell what date you stopped living at this Address. Note that only the year is required.
  • Location: give the location of this Address
  • Notes: this field is a chance for you to make any Notes about living at this Address that you wish to share with your readers.
  • Address Settings
    • Public: Others can see this Address information you have entered.
    • Private: no one can see this Address information.

Edit Address
You may Edit your Addresses at any time

Delete Address
You may Delete your Addresses at any time. Please note that if you Delete an Addresses all of the information with this Addresses will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.