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Beyond work and school, you may have some favorite organizations of which you belong to, are associated with, volunteer with, work for or support. Talk about those Affiliations and Memberships here.
Show Affiliations & Memberships
The Affiliations & Memberships landing page will show you any Affiliations & Memberships you have already added.
  • Sort: you may sort your Affiliations & Memberships list by clicking on the column Header titles.
    • Name: sort by the name of your Affiliation or Organization here.
    • Description: sort by the description of the Organization here.

Add New Affiliation
Add a new Affiliation or Organization here.
  • Field: choose the Field of the type of group this is in the drop down box.
  • Sub-Field: enter a sub-field if you feel this group could be explained with more details.
  • Name of Organization: give the name of the Organization here
  • Description of Organization: give a short Description of the Organization here.
  • URL: does your Organization have a website? Help to promote it by linking its URL such as
  • Contact Information: tell others how to Contact the Organization
  • Location: tell others the City, State and Country the Organization is located in
  • Roles in Organization: here is a chance for you to describe your role(s) in the Organization, such as Member, Director, Volunteer, etc.
  • Affiliation Settings
    • Public: Others can see this Organization information you have entered.
    • Private: no one can see this Organization information.

Edit Affiliation
You may Edit your Organizations at any time.

Delete Affiliation
You may Delete your Organizations at any time. Please note that if you Delete an Organization all of the information with this Organization will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.