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Setting your Guardians is one of the most compelling features of the Story of My Life website. You can assign a trusted person(s) Guardianship of your Story pages. This Guardian can access your Story, approve pending posts or members, transfer a Group if owned or Moderated, and approve Comments left by others. He or She may also add more content to your Story, although it will be noted that any new content added by a Guardian will be noted as not coming directly from you but rather from your Guardian. If you don’t assign a Guardian then Your Story will be frozen forever as you leave it after there is no activity on your Story for a determined amount of time.
Show Guardians
The Guardians landing page will show you any Guardians you have already added.
  • Sort: You may sort your Guardians list by clicking on the column Header titles.
    • Name: sort alphabetically by the Guardian’s name.
    • City: sort alphabetically by the Guardian’s City location.

Set Priority
You can arrange the order in which your Guardians get priority to your site. To move any Guardian Up or Down on the priority list, simply highlight the item in the "Arrange List" box and click on the Move Up or Move Down buttons to move the Guardian to the sequential order you would like them to show. Then Save the changed Guardian order and the items will appear online to readers the same sequence you have set them here. The system will automatically contact the Guardians in the sequential order until it reaches the first one and that person will be awarded Guardianship of your Story.

Add New Guardian
Here you will tell us information for how to Contact your Guardians. The more information you supply the better chance we will have of being able to actually contact them in the future.
  • Name: tell us the Name of your Guardian.
  • Date of Birth: when was this Guardian born?
  • Location: where dose this Guardian live at the present time?
  • Contact Information: please provide any other contact information you can such as email, Phone, address etc. Please note that this Guardian information will be kept confidential, it is not public, and it will NOT be sold or used in any way other than to contact the users through the secure system about your Guardianship. See our Privacy Policy for further questions on how we keep data secure and what we do with this information.

Edit Guardian
You may Edit your Guardians at any time

Delete Guardian
You may Delete your Guardians at any time. Please note that if you Delete a Guardian all of the information and access granted to this Guardian will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.