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This section allows you to share with others your Hobbies, your Interests and other things that interest and amuse you. You can use this section for others with like minded interests and similar Hobbies to find out more about you.
Enter in your favorite albums, artists, bands, concerts, memorable lyrics, anything you like about your Favorite Music!

Talk about your favorite Movies, quotes, Actors/Actresses, Directors, Cartoons, Spoofs, Award shows – you name it!

Have a favorite TV character, series, or memorable TV moment in history? Talk about them here!

List your favorite authors, writers, poets, lyricists, anything about publications or newspapers or magazines or anything in print!

What are you passionate about, what really gets that motor moving inside you? What calls you to action? Tell the world about your passions here. Wouldn’t it be great if you discovered your Great Grandma Alice had a passion for Harleys? Or that a distant relative shares your obsession for coconut covered pistachios? Or that a cousin secretly shares similar politics beliefs to you? Share it all here!

Tell the world about your heroes – from Superman to Supermom, talk about who makes you proud, who made you a better person, whom you look up to, whom you admire, who in history you’d love to sit down for coffee with.

And finally, what ARE your interests? What do you like to do in your spare time? From kite flying to knitting, from sports to collecting, choose from our list or add your own!