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Where you went to school has a big impact on your lifelong friends, your connections and ties to your community and helped shaped the person you’ve become. List your Educational history here to connect with old Classmates and more.
Show Schools
The Schools landing page will show you any Schools you have already added.
  • Sort: You may sort your School list by clicking on the column Header titles.
    • Name: give the name of your educational institution here.
    • Education Level (grades/ levels)
    • Dates Attended (what years were you at these schools?) Note that only the Year is required on the attendance dates.

Add New School
Add a new school to your list of Schools attended.
  • Type of School: first, enter the type of school, such as Pre-School, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School, College etc.
  • Name of School: enter the name of your School
  • Location: tell others the City, State and Country where the school was located
  • Degree: what degree did you earn from this school? (if any)
  • Graduation Year: what year did you Graduate? (or pass through to the next level)
  • Student Status: tell others if you are:
    • Current Student: you are currently enrolled at school at this Educational Institution
    • Former Student: you attended this Educational Institution in the past
  • Began Dates: tell us what date you began at this Educational Institution (note that only the year is required)
  • Finish Dates: tell us what date you ended/ finished up/ graduated or moved from this Educational Institution (note that only the year is required)
  • Major/ Concentration / Studies: what, if any, majors or areas of concentration did you partake of at this Educational Institution?
  • School Settings: you can choose to keep this School public (published) or private.
    • Public: Others can see this School information you have entered.
    • Private: no one can see this School information.