Story of My Life
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Table of Contents

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Story of My Life allows you to break your Life Story into chronologically defined Chapters such as “My Early Childhood” or “My College Years.

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View existing Chapters:
The first page shows you all of your current Chapters. If you do not have yet have any Chapters, you can Add as many Chapters as you like.

Add a New Chapter:
  • Name: Give your Chapter a Title such as “My Teenage Years” or “Growing up in Seattle”
  • Date Range: Assign a time line for your Chapter so that the system can put them in chronological order. Note: only the “year” is required.
  • Description: give a short description of what this Chapter covers.
Edit a Chapter:
You may Edit your Chapters at any time.

Delete a Chapter:
You may Delete your Chapters at any time. Please note, if you Delete a Chapter, its content including all the Stories inside this Chapter, will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.