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Table of Contents

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Now you may start creating Stories inside each of your Chapters. You may have one story, or an infinite number of Stories inside each Chapter. Stories helps to define and make it easer to both find and read the Story of your life Legacy.

Create a new Story:
  • Date Range: assign a time line for your Story so that the system can put them in chronological order. Note: only the “year” is required.

  • Assign Story to Categories: you may assign your Story to be cross-indexed using Categories of Subjects for easy finding. Read more about Categories (below).

  • Make Public: You may choose to make this particular Story available to the public, or keep it private where you control the access rights to who can read it.

  • Assign Files associated with your Story: you may choose to enhance your Story through the use of adding Media Files to your Stories. You may attach existing Files in your Vault, or you may upload new Files. Attach photos, play music, or place a video in any Story. There is no limit to the number of Files you can associate with a Story.

    • Link a File from your Vault: you may choose to add Files that you have already put into your Vault. The site will prompt you to find File types of Pictures, Audio, Video or Other Files. Once you have selected the type, it will show you a list of Files. From there you select the File(s) to be attached to this Story. You may edit or delete these Files at any time.

    • Upload a new File: if you choose to upload a new File from your own computer or other source, you will be prompted to do so through the website. These Files will also be added to your Vault for easy File management. Upload time will depend on the size of the File and your internet connection speed. You may edit or delete these Files at any time.

Edit an existing Story:
you may edit any part of any Story at any time.

Delete an existing Story:
you may delete in whole or part any Story at any time. Please note that if you Delete a Story it will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone.

Manage Comments to your Story:

when other Readers read your Story they may be moved to write Comments about your Story. These are encouraged to promote interaction with the Stories.
  • Edit Comment: you may write a reply to a Comment before publishing it.

  • Delete Comment: you may choose not to publish a Comment to your Story. If you do so, the Comment will not show on your Story. If you choose to Delete a Comment, while it will not show on your Story, it will show on the person who left the Comment. Please note, if you receive harassing or derogatory Comments from other Members you may read our User Agreement policy and may contact Support for any suspected abuse of the system.

  • Auto Publish Comments: you may choose the “Yes” setting to automatically publish all Comments. You may edit (reply) or delete Comments at any time. Choosing the Auto-Publish feature means that you do not need to approve Comments before they are posted to your site. If you choose “No” to the Auto-Publish feature, your Comments will be stored but not published until you approve them individually when you log into your Story. You will be notified of these pending Comments through your Alerts Box.

Related Files
  • Media Files: now you may attach any Media Files to your List items to enhance them.
    • Attach Files: choose almost any type of file to add dimension to the List items.
      • Link from Vault: you may select a file that already exists in your Vault and attach it to any List item.
      • Upload new File: or you may select a file from your own computer and upload it and attach it to a List item. Please note that if you upload a file it will also be available in your Vault under "Other".
    • Delete Files: you may Delete your Files on any List items at any time. Please note that if you Delete a File on a List item, it will be permanently deleted from the Lists module and this action cannot be undone. The files will still remain in your Vault until you delete them in the Vault.