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Categories are another way to write your Story. You may write purely in the Categories field about topics of interest to you, or you may create Categories in order to cross-reference and index items in your Chapter Stories, such as “My Pets” or “My Education.” Each Category that is cross-referenced to multiple Chapters will show the places in your Story where you have indexed a mention of something pertaining to that particular Category. Thus, for example, when a reader scrolls through your Categories “My Career” (s)he will see all instances of your career, jobs, etc. that you have classified as such “My Career” related throughout all of your Stories. There could be a “My Career” reference in your teenage years (remember that hot dog stand job??), College Years, and many in your later years Chapters.

Left Menu

View Existing Categories:
Shows you a list of all of your current Categories. You may add new Categories at any time. There is no limit to the number of Categories you may have.

Add a New Category:
  • Name: give your Category a Name such “My High School Friends” or “My Romances.”

  • Description: give a short description of this Category.
Edit a Category:
You may Edit your Categories at any time.

Delete a Category:
You may Delete your Categories at any time. Please note that if you have written Stories directly in your Categories section and you Delete a Category, any Stories in this Category will be permanently deleted and this action cannot be undone. If you have only indexed Stories that were written as Chapters and referenced in Categories, if you Delete a Category, it will not delete the Story but only the reference to the Story.