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Writer’s Guidelines

We firmly believe that there is at least one good story inside everyone. At the hands of a good writer to extract the story and put it forward in an interesting, compelling Story for our readers. Our Storytellers are proven, published authors who have been accepted as Storytellers to publish to our site.

Guidelines for Story of My Life Featured Storyteller story submissions:

What We’re Looking For
We’re looking for Stories that tell an interesting Story featuring someone (stories are usually between 500- 1,000 words). Topics can be the subject’s hobby, an event, a habit, an achievement, a career, a “hero” moment - anything. The topics are as endless as personalities are, but they must be interesting. We’re looking for character-driven creative non-fiction that invokes some reaction – inspiration, humor, etc. Creative non-fiction has also been called:
  • The Art of Truth (or Fact)
  • Gonzo Journalism
  • The Fourth Genre
  • New Journalism
  • Literary Journalism
  • Narrative Nonfiction
We are open to projects as well. If you have an idea for a series, a group of persons whose stories should be told together, or other ideas, please contact us.

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What We Don’t Want
We don’t want first person narratives (although we encourage you to use our site for personal use as a user to promote your own writing as well as capturing your own stories for future generations).

We don’t want Q&A style interviews.

We don’t want Stories of non-living persons at this time. (Note, we will be adding this at a later date for biographical and memorial/tribute purposes).

We don’t want Stories that are not about people.

We do not want fiction, pornography, poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, or research

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We pay a flat fee for each story accepted.  We prefer to make payments via PayPal.  For larger projects, more difficult to get to people of stature, we may consider an increased fee based on the parameters. Don’t be shy: contact us!

If you don’t want to be paid via PayPal you must work out other arrangements with us.

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We require web-publishing rights. You are free to continue marketing your story in other sites and venues as you see fit (print, film, radio, stage, etc.).

In the event of special projects where we require exclusive or first-publication rights, those will be determined on a case by case basis.

All stories will appear with a copyright notice attributed to the author.

After your Story is published on the site, we retain non-exclusive rights to continue displaying the story on our website. Authors wishing to remove the story from our publication may request such; however, they will be required to refund us the money we paid for the story. The subject of a story who wishes his or her Story to be removed from our site must contact us directly and we will remove the story.

If such a time comes that the Storyteller section of the site ceases publication, all rights will automatically return to the respective authors.

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How To Submit
You may submit Stories for consideration to become one of our Storytellers. Use the Contact Us form to send us your contact information and we will send you instructions for how to submit your test Story. If your test Story is approved, you will be designed a “Storyteller” and able to submit Stories for publication.

Manuscripts should be in Word or RTF format.

If you haven’t heard back from us within 60 days, assume it didn’t reach us and please try to re-send it again.

If users want to include pictures (which we encourage as the direct correlation between reader engagement and images online is strong) we are happy to scan and return them to their owners if they are not already digitized.

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Reasons for Rejections
Here are some common reasons that a Story might not be published:
  • Not following the proper format. Stories submitted in first person narrative, biographies about people unknown to the writer, interview transcripts – this happens a lot.
  • Error prone. We have limited editorial capacity so we’re looking for work that follows standard composition and journalistic guidelines for publication
  • Lack of reader engagement. It’s the writer’s job to grab your reader’s attention right up front and engage them to want to finish the story. If you haven’t caught our attention by the second or third paragraph, we probably won’t read any further.
  • Lack of interesting character. Your readers have to care about your subject, at least enough to read through to the end.
  • Good but not good enough. We liked it but not enough to feature it. Usually these stories we will respond with feedback and possibly ask for a re-write.
We would love to respond to all unsolicited inquiries for writing. Sometimes the load makes this difficult, but please don’t take it personally. Try submitting another story matching our criteria.

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Do You Give Feedback?
Sometimes. If we feel there is merit in a Story but it doesn’t fit our criteria, we may ask for a re-write, but in most cases we do not provide feedback to unsolicited stories.

We suggest the following links for creative non-fiction writing: Good luck!

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Know Someone Who Should Be Featured?
Do you know a person who has a great story and should be featured on our site? Please use the form found here to submit the Story idea to us and we will connect you with one of our Storyteller writers.

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