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Summer in Sardinia

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Date Range: 08/06/2005 To 08/06/2005   Comments: 0 Views: 261
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Being in this tiny beach in south Sardinia at 7pm of a summer day

The sensation of being alone in the entire universe, not a human being around, not a sound except the warm water

A sunset lasting two hours, the light slowly fading away

The feel of the sand behind you, laying in front of nature, so immense and so intimate at the same time

Your little private playground

I love summer because you go around with so few things, 
but also those few objects disappears, your shorts, your flip flops...

Your mundane thoughts disappear, what to do that evening, the money left in the wallet....

For a while you cease to exist as an individual and feel to be one thing with nature

Few moments that feel like eternity, and the memory of it stays with you, forever

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