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Life In Los Angeles (2005-Present) 

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I moved to Los Angeles on Spetember 2, 2005. There I attended UCLA's Professional Screenwriting Program for a year.

1st day in Los Angeles September 2nd, 2005.



I was taught by Professors Paul Chitlik (Small Wonder, Perfect Strangers, Amen), and Fred Rubin (Diff'rent Strokes, Mama's Family, Family Matters). While at UCLA I was told to be an actor while I wrote as whenever I'd read characters in screenplays, I had a very unique and charactery voice and a lot of enthusiam, whatever the character was. I finished UCLA in the Spring of 2006 on 6/6/06, and received my certificate on 6/20/06.

While at UCLA, I auditioned for Actors Reps with Pete Telleli, a scam agency one of my friends auditioned for the sake of "just having an agent". We both got repped and he did nothing for us. I soon left the agency. In Spring of 2006, I almost got to assist on a feature film called "Watercolors", but the plans fell through. Also, 6 times from February through April of 2006, I went to see The Price Is Right. Though I was not picked as a contestant, the producer, Stan Blitz, always remembered me and welcomed me back with a smile and was always happy to see me.

Shortly after finishing UCLA, after after being rejected six times to be a contestant at The Price Is Right, I got a job at CBS in Hollywood as a studio page ironically, where I welcomed and processed audiences for TV shows at American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, got it...The Price Is Right. I got to work amazing events at The Price Is Right, including rehearsing behind the scenes with Mario Lopez, George Hamilton, and other hosts as a practice contestant, and getting to work Bob Barker's final show. The practice rehearsals were a lot of fun, and I'm pretty sure they are in the vault somewhere at CBS, as they had us on the screen projectors while us pages were onstage playing games with the hosts. Mario Lopez was the best, and I played off of him so much both the single day he rehearsed and when he came back again for another day of rehearsals with George Hamilton, Todd Newton, and Mike Richards. All were so much fun to work with, but Mario and I clicked so much onstage and I had fun doing different characters and personas with him. He was all smiles. The 2nd day he came back for rehearsals he was all "Mark! I remember you!" At The Price Is Right, the production team at the time was amazing. Producers Kathy "Fingers" Greco and Roger Dobkowitz were the show itself, and if it wasn't for them, things would have been so different growing up with a totally different TPIR or no TPIR at all. Both producers were always happy to see me at the show, during rehearsals, clapping, cheering, and getting the crowd all pepped up for Bob. It was one of the best places I worked in Los Angeles and it was a place I never wanted to leave because the job and the people there were so much fun, but being a page, one can only stay so long and then must move on to different things. While I was a page it was my goal to seek either an internship or PA job at TPIR, but nothing ever came up while I was there. After I had left the page position, two pages, months later, got PA jobs at TPIR, but were dismissed shortly after, so in a way, I'm glad I left when I left. My bosses at CBS always told me to talk to Stan Blitz there, since I loved music and contestants and that was definitely an area I would have loved to work in, helping out with contestants, but that's for gameshow only, for scripted TV and film, my goal was to be a PA and then help with the background, but that's another goal I had that never got anywhere because there are few connects I know that hire PAs. Also when I worked at The Price Is Right, Stan Bliz was always happy to see me, and even at rehearsals asked me "Hey, Mark, didn't we pick you one of those times you visited the show?" as he wasn't sure if I was a contestant or not. I smiled and said "Nope! But it was a lot of fun being here!" To which he responded back "You know, even though you weren't a contestant, you're working here now, which is even better because you're always here and you don't need to wait in line to see the show and doing what you love!" Something tells me that when they choose potential contestants, they must choose more than the original 9, as they must select 9 from a larger group of potentials, which I probably was on a few times or more when I attended the show. My experience at the show was amazing, and it is my most memorable time in Hollywood.

The above photo still is of me working at The Price Is Right (episode aired on 6/6/07). I'm Paging by stage left as the logo appears onscreen.




The above 2 photo clips are of me Paging at Bob Barker's final episode of The Price Is Right which taped on 6/6/07 and aired on 6/15/07. The first is of me clapping by the green curtain, the second is of me clapping on the whire platform.


In late 2007, I got into assisting on some indie sets and got cast in several indie productions. I had also joined Central Casting earlier that year in March, but calling the lines was not working for me. I sent my photo to a booking service and they liked it and I registered with them for a small handful of background gigs that fall of 2007.


In 2008, while working an office job in Hollywood, I met and dated the niece of one of the most famous Disney original Mousketeers. Being a guy who had it tough dating anyone in Mass, she was both my first date and kiss, and...hmmm...Also during this time, I poured my heart out to one of my co-workers at this office job as we both walked back to our cars. This was during the time of the writers strike in 2007-2008, and I wasn't doing anything in the biz but assisting on some indies and getting cast in them just for being on set. I turned to my co-worker and told her "I want to be a PA. I want to be an extra. I haven't even done much but work at CBS as a Page and the few indie things I'm doing now." She told me "Mark, I hear you when you're on the phone with people, changing your voice, putting all that energy into it. You are very talented. Don't settle for just PA or extra work. You can be an actor. All you gotta do is pay your dues like I did. I'm an actress on Everybody Hates Chris, I play Pam, the woman in the salon with Jackee, but the show's on hiatus now because of the strike." I was amazed as I couldn't belived an actress worked a simple job with me and told me right out I had the talent to make it if I just kept paying my dues. She told me it was because of the strike she was there, but was planning on leaving once it was over and once she got booked on something, so a few months later she had left when she got involved with a play and got called back to work the final episode of the series she was in a handful of episodes of.

Shortly after, in the fall of 2008, I began to branch out to other areas, and got my real estate license and in the early part of 2009, rented out a few places. The only bad thing was the economy at the time, and this just continued throughout the year and the following few years, so I decided to look elsewhere for work than real estate.


In 2009, I was needed on the series Glee in a scene with Matthew Morrison. After that point, I began doing background work occasionally that fall of 2009 and was featured on TV shows between 2010 and 2012. In 2012, I joined SAG-AFTRA and took many casting workshops and classes for cold reading and commercials. I was featured on the following television shows: The Defenders, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Men Of A Certain Age, and Don't Trust The B- In Apartment 23.

In 2009-2013, I began doing more stuff as a performer, taking more classes and getting good headshots done. I also performed at the Comedy Store Belly Room in September of 2012! In 2009 I auditioned and got repped by Sylvia Ferguson for commercials, but she didn't get me out so I dropped her after a half year, then in 2010, I got repped by Baron Entertainment and managed by MMPRG. I dropped them after a year because all they got me were few non union auditions and wanted me to keep taking classes while I had taken enough.

In summer of 2009, just for the fun of it, my friend Jeff (a fellow CBS Page and who also was a student at UCLA's Professional Screenwriting Program a year after me) and I decided to try out for American Idol. We both didn't care if one of the other got picked to go to the judges, we just did it for the fun of it, but we both were passed by after the first round auditions in front of the shows producer, who was pretty lame and tired and passed on a lot of good people. We basically did it to see if we'd make it to the judges and if we'd get on camera for being good/bad singers. It was a fun experience and it took place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.


A headshot from 2009.


A headshot from 2010

The photo still above is of me when I was needed to be in a scene on the series Glee in the episode "Preggers" on FOX back in March of 2009. One of the Executive Producers/Writers/Creators/Directors of Glee,  Brad Falchuk, who knew of me from my online postings on you tube, et., invited me to be featured in a scene with Matthew Morrison in the teachers breakroom. It was the first show I had ever been featured in as a performer. Prior to that, I'd been on television before when I paged at The Price Is Right, and I had done a small handful of unseen background gigs in late 2007, but Glee will always be the first show I was personally asked to be on and featured in a scene with a lead actor. Working the show, I got my first SAG voucher, too!

The above two stills are of me on Greys Anatomy. The first is from "Unaccompanied Minor" (ABC, 2011), the second is from "Love, Loss And Legacy" (ABC, 2011). Greys Anatomy has been the show I've worked on the most in Hollywood out of all the shows I've worked overall. I've been featured upclose in both these episodes. The cast and crew are some of the best I've worked with in LA.


The above photo still is of me on Desperate Housewives "You Take For Granted" (ABC, 2012). I had tried for several years to work on Desperate Housewives, but each time, no luck. However, before the series wrapped, I was lucky to work the 16th episode of the final season and on set, Eva Longoria personally asked me if she could push me in the scene as the director wanted her to make her way through a line of Steel Workers and push one out of the way. I remember the director not once telling me to change my actions, and the AD told me I was great with my reaction shot at Eva. This is a moment I always will remember for years to come. It was something I had looked forward to for a long time since Desperate Housewives was one of my favorite shows of the early 2000s.


In 2011, I began my own production company, Mark Sinacori Productions. My first short film, Womanizer, was directed by Drew Barrymore's older half brother, John Blyth Barrymore.



Headshot of me from 2013


In 2012, I became romantically involved with a soap actress, whom I ironically met on the set of Greys Anatomy back in 2007. We kept in touch and started going out in summer of 2012.

In 2013 and throughout 2014 I did all I could to get repped by a good agency for acting either commercially or both commercially and theatrically, but for some reason, no legit good agency wanted to rep me and there have been excuses after excuses pertaining to my acting ability or my lack of credits, et. As of now, I feel I have taken all the classes needed for a good agent to at least send me out commercially, but I'm not super worried if I'm not repped anymore. I have gone about 8 years in LA with scammy agents who never got me out or not being repped and I got things without an agent. Getting an agent, is something I always have on my list of "to dos", aside from becoming a PA on a union scripted TV series or film. After I joined SAG-AFTRA I rarely did much background work, maybe a small handful between 2012 and 2014, as between these years I had been focusing on getting a good agent instead of just doing background work that would only make it as far as "featured extra" if lucky, which I had been on sets many times from 2010-2012.

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