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Date Range: 01/24/1996 To 07/16/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 676
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From the beginning, 
'Til Now...

        My name is Wafa; quiet common here, it means Faithful, i'm 18 years and i live in a place where it impossible to grow mentally healthy, i'm not saying that i hate my country no one can, but living here is really awful. People are all the same except some rare ones, by the same i mean they all think that they had no luck, they know everything about subject... Really boring at long time, but never mind no one chooses that. 

        I have came here this day especially because i'm a bit tired than always, i have searched everywhere i can free my mind and heart so i'm trying this web site. This first article i will talk about how it is the life of Faith (me if you don't get it), well it will be really boring just teenage stories that i don't even like in normal time but i really need that.... 


       Faith is girl born on the 24th of January a day which she love so much even every year she got different deception in it, but she keep smiling and hoping that one day her "friends" will remember her just like she do in their own. Faith has the two perfect parents of all time, a daddy who always gives her what she want even she don't ask for it, a mommy who is always here for her at anytime of the day, she has the best brother of all, when other big brother are rude with their little sister he don't he brings her chocolate and share with her everything he like, he is like a model for her she walks on his steps, likes almost everything he likes, she has two sister, one older than her, who always teach her new things and help her through hard choices or decisions, another one younger, they are like best friends they understand each other without saying a single word just by a sight. But like in all families and relations there are days with yelling and fighting between all off them which don't last too long at least 6 hours.

         Faith used to have friends, especially one named Cherry (of course it not her real name), their were inseparable since 7 years, always together then they met another girl named Sam the beginning was hard because they were about to be enemies and start to fight but they don't and became the three bests friends of all time, even they didn't go to the same class or same establishment they were always together waiting after school to met and having lots of laughs. But one day when they were in high school, Cherry used to visit Faith at home and like always they checked their Facebook account Cherry was dating a nice guy who loves her and when he send her a message on there she ignored him because Faith was here and she wanted to seem strong by this but never mind they kept laughing and so on. At night when faith logged on the Boyfriend of Cherry started insulting her with all possible bad words in every language he knew, Faith did the same then after long time she blocked him and at the same time she was speaking to Sam about it who was shocked by this reaction. After that, Faith just decided to log on with the account of Cherry, guess what, yes she found that her "Best friend" was insulting her just like her boyfriend, what would be your reaction if that happens to you? Faith cried all the tears of her body and as always she tells everything to Sam, she stopped talking to Cherry and meeting her at all for 5 months until Sam asked to forgive Cherry what Faith did just because of Sam, but it not the same as they was she still ignores Cherry's calls and visits, they are still friend but not like they used to be. Faith decided to never trust again anyone, but she didn't... 
          At the second year in high school she met another group of friends Betty, the bitch, Rayan, the "nice" but not really one and Rosa, the normal one. They were together all time until next year, Rosa used to fail in her exams and can't pass with them but she is still their friend especially with faith, they met at week ends always, Rayan got closer with Faith while Betty found new friends, Faith and Rayan used to do everything together, eating, studying, getting out ... Rayan had a boyfriend which always calls Faith if there were a problem between them, Faith helped them every time to figure it out and it because of her that they are still together because Rayan always listen to Faith's advice and so does his boyfriend. One day they broke up for real and Faith met with Rayan's boyfriend he tells her all the stories, that Rayan isn't that "nice" she is even more bitch than every bitch, as she is also hypocrite and used to talk about her friends, especially Faith, in bad ways so that help her to keep her ass clean and reject the fault on others, since Faith knows this face of Rayan she started hating her but not that much as well as Rayan didn't know that her boyfriend said this. Both Faith and Rayan are still friends but not like they used to be... At the registration for university this month, they choose the same direction but Faith didn't really appreciate it so she changed without telling Rayan, she'll inform her later maybe .... 

               Faith used to have Boyfriends too, the first one was named Jake, it was just a teenage error they never met and it was a kind of virtual relation they broke up but they are still friends, then comes another nice guy named Joseph, it was the same relation as the passed one, she broke up with him because of another guy named Kyle who was her friend since always this was the real first boyfriend she had they met one or two time she was too shy for every day dating they used to talk on phone every day for hours but they broke up because of a bitch who loves Kyle even he don't loves her back, after Kyle at high school she met Zack, she loves him but he was just playing with her she gives him a gift for his birthday, the first she bought for a boy, he gave her lots of chocolates for her birthday but after this he kissed her on the 22h of January at 13:45 she had class just after that she went late but it doesn't matter she tells her friends about this she was so happy but that didn't last long, the next week the broke up, he answered no call and ignored her. A friend of her presented her to a nice guy but it was for 13 days they broke up a day after st Valentin, a reason for her to hate this day, then she come back with Kyle and broke again, in summer Zack contacted her telling that he missed her but he was with another girl... and we don't care about what happened between them but Faith and Kyle got together again and broke up. When school comes she met another guy not really his kind of guy but they got together because of stupid reason and she broke up after that he tells her that he loved her and she don't and never will ( i'm passing details like he dated Betty the bitch after her and another friend of her before broke up) never mind she don't like him , then she got crazy with Rosa and both of them start dating random guys which i don't even remember names but it was because they got bad and suffered a lot. After they met two nice guys and stayed with them for 2 months they got dates for four and do one but those guys were too immature and acted like kids so as you guess they broke. 
           Now faith is dating a old friend of hers, he is a bit far from her, there are 27km between them, they see each other once in 3 months or more but he said he loves her no matter what, she love him too but this time it get kinda boring being with him maybe the problem comes from here but its all in. They are together since 2 years ago and probably more... 

            That all for the presentation next time i'll talk about other things maybe not that boring... i hope so, If you had read all that i'd love to thank you and i really like your courage, i admire you :) 

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