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Date Range: 10/01/2009 To 10/31/2009   Comments: 3 Views: 8802
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I am sitting here this evening preparing to make a journey of my life time.  Even though I am the guide on this trip, I am not sure where this trek will lead me or you. 

For some people this would be an uncomfortable journey. There are folks who just have to have a set route to arrive at their destination. I am not one of those people.  

I will begin spinning my tale from the place where I am today.

A grown woman of color who has lived a life in these United States. 

My brown eyed viewpoint of what life has been for me and our family is epic.  The fact that I am here to even start the story is a blessing!  Longevity has its place in families.  I am the bridge that spans my parents to you and your children. I am extending an invitation for you to walk across my life to know who we are as a family.  To learn what you do not know about me as an individual. 

Together we are going to move through time.  For you are just as much a part of my story as I am a part of your story.

There are still treasures to be found among us.  You will make discoveries about me and our lineage that you might not have known.  Or maybe you'll just receive the clarity that you've needed about different people or situations in our life as a family.

No matter where this story ends, you will be the ones who will script out the next chapters.  Remember to tell your story with love, wisdom and fairly.  Otherwise, your children will not know who we are as a people.



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Sep 2007
Kristina McIntosh said:
posted on Oct 11, 2009

I too have come here to let my child know (hopefully long after I'm gone) ;) that I'm not just the meanie who won't let her get her bellybutton pierced... that I too, was human, whether she believes it or not, and that often I've lost my sense of self in the "mother" role and I have done it gladly and would do it again without blinking but that there are more facets than an ATM. Love how you put this, Deborah.

Member Since
Jan 2008
Suzan Kilner said:
posted on Oct 11, 2009

we can't wait to read them... thanks for sharing them too.

Member Since
Oct 2009
Deborah White said:
posted on Oct 11, 2009

I appreciate your comments and suppport.