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break life(2) 

Date Range: 01/01/2000 To 12/31/2008   Comments: 1 Views: 379
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since 18 age i was in secondary school i dreamed to enter engineering university although all of my suffering in my life but i stand on face of all difficults without any support from anyone of my family actualy they weren't feel of my existance in all things .

i didn't know what was waiting me in this life but suddenly my results in secondary school was enter me in science faculty and my dream for engineering university was broken because this was rules in our country that make me droped out and made me hate my life soo much , i stayed after this results in my home for one month crying from all things in my life i started ask myself why i'm in this life? what is the purpose from this ?. i didnot know anymore.
recently , i started accept the results for enter science faculty and still no one in my family felt my sorrow . 
in 2000 year , i started to go to science faculty and i tried to complete my life and tring found something which could make me love it in this faculty .
as usual i was alone in faculty and poor in my clothes but this thing is not affect on me , only was affect on my that sorrow in entire like i was waiting something which could change whole my life .
after first and second year for me in science faculty , i found me that i love physics and this filed can make something in some day so i entered physics department .
but still there some thing i waiting , i donnot know what is this but i was waiting it to change my life .
i did all my efforts in this department and i was go to research centers to training and develop my self but this thing was very difficult because these centers were far from my home 5 hours so i was living with my cousin who was married and had kids and the house was very traffic .
i hadnnot any money for this and my mam did not give me anything although she was support my brithers and sisters and gave them money always .
sometime i think that i'm not belong to this family , i was very lonely and i did all thing difficulty because there was not any body support me but i stand on all things to complete my faculty and training to find job for myself , i was really suffering in my life to complete my faculty and i have not any one who gave me some kindness , really i was need for this .
i finished my faculty very difficulty with very good grade and it was not bad for my situation after this >>>>>
i will complete it in anather chapter 

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