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Richard Ozanne WORLD Citizen (WSA Passport) #303094\ Mr. Richard Ozanne is an international visual artist/teacher with aspiration as a person of thought, in keeping with form of altruism as a humanitarian, Through many experiences and travels he has seen the world through a unique perspective. He has seen the world change, measuring both sides, pitted against one another to reform values towards freedom and civil liberty. As an artist these are important issues, a kind of insurance voucher, that...we as people, work together towards a peaceful outcome. Such words inspired by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe read: “This is the highest wisdom that I own; freedom and life are earned by those alone who conquer them each day anew...” Thus each individual, searching for for their for freedom, make this liberty and aspiration count each and every day. Over several decades he has seen the world change in a memorable sense. Richard Ozanne has traveled to both sides of the iron and bamboo curtain, taking notes of changing cultures, and opening and closing doors of the times and cultures of the past and present through an interest in history. Idealism and peace does not for a moment escape Mr. Ozanne, (who was a permanent resident of the Czech Republic for a number of years) and signed the Prague Declaration as an American representative in one of its early drafts, a voice for freedom, and awareness in a vast changing landscape toward a truer sense of liberty...putting light into areas of darkness with tenacious capacity, as an artist who was a resident of a former communist bloc country, to find this liberty...this identity. As a lecturer in Prague, he taught American History and Culture. Ozanne has seen a number: He was in Poland during the Gdansk shipyard strike (83) when marshall law came into effect, caught and detained by the KGB/NKvD in Soviet Union (Minsk Belarus, 1980) and was in Srinagar Kashmir at the beginning of the war in 1995. He is no stranger to despotism, a theme that is sometimes echoed through his his art. Through his art in exhibitions, Richard Ozanne has been involved in fundraising for the international communities in Italy, via UNICEF-”(benefit in Asti Italy for Tsunami victims) and UNESCO via websites, and profile. His experiences include social, gift-proprietal, altruistic, arts and humanitarian and volunteer based programs through CAUSES-social networks- and other non-governmental and religious groups via the world-wide-web and others from the 1990’s onward. One of his kindred focuses has been the need for the arts and education in the 21st century. “Today is day of thinkers, for tomorrow there is understanding….” Richard Ozanne This era is by far the most challenging in history, from the artists standpoint. There are no great schools of Munich or Berlin to bolster ideas to bridge the century, nor the hopeful Blaue Reiter modernists looking at the future" style="cursor:pointer;text-decoration:underline;border:none;color:green;border-radius:none;-moz-border-radius:none;-webkit-border-radius:none;-moz-box-shadow:none;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none;position:static;padding-bottom:2px;margin:0;width:auto;border-bottom:1px solid green;" onclick=initTrans('')>the future for some great epoch. But there are individuals and their arts, each with a voice, often a still small voice, that wreaths within. Everything of critical importance seems distanced, propelled into little boxes and innocently labeled: For Mass Consumption. And then there is the simple word “Beauty” with its sense of the sublime, a strong but subtle message. Interpreting the situation from a fundamental level, I am convinced there is an infinite territory of ideas and resources yet to be cultivated. this is the realm of the arts and the greening of imaginative and creative discipline, the territory of the human soul. Richard Ozanne 1992 “The world is crammed into suffocation. On every stone man has put his brand of cleverness. Every word is leased or invested...What but to draw a dividing line between yesterday and today? “ Franz Marc, Blaue Reiter Almanac 1914 Surely we can keep optimism intact, although the world and our reference to history has become yet another epoch, divided among itself, and somewhat deliberately constrained, left to the fable of the ‘unctuous’ waiter, presiding at the will of energy we never ordered, nor conceived of, through our technology and condition, yet have to be made aware of; giving service to each of our tables, in metaphor. Our visions are left for tomorrow, and for our childrens, children, to behold, in matters of responsibility , as an intelligent addendum for a better world where we can live fulfilled lives, breath the freshness of equality, and not fetter in our hopes and dreams of a kind of livelihood somehow decent to our legacy. Richard Ozanne 2012 Links: Ref.Library of Congress Per. Collection-Ref.1999, Pub. Millennium Hall of Fame Entry (Dedication-Richard Ozanne) Link: Library of Congress Washington DC/Jefferson-Adams Room Perm. Archive CT-102.M547, ISSN 1098-3171, 3 page inclusion+ Biography Premier Edition.. Indeed we strive, sometimes in vain, to love's labor lost. If its art, this is the era of change and if poetry, the words should be heard. The restless, yet spiritually driven are reaching for their common cause. Yes, there is a ball of knotted contention, in todays consciousness, the fruits are uncertain. Whether they bear thorns or fruits, is our vision as gardner. Science and technology went awry! Too many values were lost in the course of conscious efforts, too many cooks laid station in the kitchen of our worldly ambitions based on a pyramid plot of industry . Now we are bit paid laborers of the future, or gold collar producers to put it all into perspective! Of course without thought, there is less good done, and more harm to see centuries forecast in clarity. With strength, perhaps or with dignity intact can we see a better world. . Richard Ozanne 2014 Recently Richard Ozanne has been involved in organizations that promote peace, and pursuit of education. He currently serves as Vice President/Fellow of the Claire Power Murphy Foundation Inc. and as an advisor to Tomorrows Free Online School inc, as well as voluntary services to other organizations and social media platforms that encourage education and foster ideas of peace, humanitarianism, and altruistic missions. As an aspiring writ Visual Arts During his career as an artist he has exhibited in New York City, across the US with over 150 and international solo and group exhibition appearances. and expeditions around the world researching art. No, this was not tourism, this was the actual deal, to research indigenous references, making notes for my personal work in a modern tablature, in a post-modern reference. . He was been invited to Russia completing a portrait commission of the illustrious composer (In the Ministry of Culture archives) of Dmitri Borisovich Kabalevsky for his 75th Anniversary in Moscow. (1980) He later was invited to China by the Ministry of Culture of China for arts research which brought him to be one of the first artists to visit Lhasa Tibet soon after its opening (1985). Mr Ozannes travels have been to far reaching countries and cultures in pursuit of his art. Once described in China as a “Marco Polo of travelers…”, in this pursuit, by the artist Wu Zuoren, chairman of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing and offered to return (1981) to pursue graduate level work in art in painting and research. To add to his list of accomplishments his work has been featured on Television in broadcast of New Zealand: Vision of an American Painter Richard Ozanne (1988) and included in numerous videos, broadcasts and news stories internationally. In addition Richard Ozanne has taught the arts and music throughout the United State in regional programs and was resident assist professor at the prestigious Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Charles University of Prague. Ozanne has a noted background in the arts, which includes awards such as the Oscar della Arte, Order of Michelangelo Buonarroti award (Accademia Internazionale Santarita), and Europa Award for the Arts, Medalia dell Oro-Grande Premio, as well as an International Peace Prize for art, (the grantor a special subsidy: UCC Dublin Conference on Arts and Communications) celebrating a dynamic background that has been noted internationally. Richard has his professional degrees from Arizona State University, University of Arizona with Post-Graduate work at Columbia University Art School and the Art Students League of New York and advanced study in Europe in France and Italy as well as additional professional studies. More in the artists websites: Artists in Embassy Program USIA Email" style="cursor:pointer;text-decoration:underline;border:none;color:green;border-radius:none;-moz-border-radius:none;-webkit-border-radius:none;-moz-box-shadow:none;-webkit-box-shadow:none;box-shadow:none;position:static;padding-bottom:2px;margin:0;width:auto;border-bottom:1px solid green;" onclick=initTrans('')>Email: Memberships-Current/Past/Honorary*: Art Students League of New York, New York NY (Life Membership)(c) US Artists in Embassy Program, Dept of State (USA) -website- 1993-present others... Association: Accademia Internazionale Santa Rita, Torino Italy: Ordine della Michelangelo Buonarroti (2006), Order of Michelangelo Buonarroti Award, Torino Italy Academic-Teacher*-ad Honorem Biographical Research: Who Who Historical Society* Estab. 1928 OIA Order International of Ambassadors, (1999) Lisbon Conference, on Arts and Communications- recipients: Sergey V Simonenko , Prof. Dr.Ratnayake etc. Others: International Platform Association USA (established: Daniel Webster) Chautauqua Society of Peace CLSC- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Ottawa International Poets and Writers for Human Rights (OIPWHR) Master of Fine Arts Association College Art Association (1992-1996) others....

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