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Le Fluer d' Orage-East/Northeast/Kentucky/ Vermont 

Date Range: 05/29/2014 To 05/31/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 421
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Several titles under this heading- Travels begin from Lexington/Gerorgetown to the Northeast, comprising Ohio-E.Ohio/Pennsylvania-West Virginia, New York-(Niagra Falls)-East, Vermont-North/Canada/Quebec.

-Upon an invitation I was to come here. The travel/gas/etc was granted on this leg of the tour. Several arts events gathered my attention as far North as Montreal. Continued dialog began with an exhibition (possible now) in Canada, and continued. If the mission -successful- to exhibit 5 paintings at a summer festival in Montreal, lasting for several weeks. Gracious effort was given to this along with an invitation. 
Northern Vermont-Burlington/N. to Newport.
The Border between Quebec and US presents (giant) problems on this leg of the tour after thousands of miles of travel. the van has been well worn. I encounter a [Block] at the Quebec border. Although I have an invite to an associates home, and all the materials needed for the crossing--continued trip to Montreal--eventually. I encounter this [Block] by Quebecois Border Guards, insisting, not only on papers--passport/travel docs etc--but on "cash funds" that I can show in their interest-Medical Insurance-and a --formidable -job- --that would represent my home in US, and specific grounding there. (I am only visiting Canada for a few days, on behalf of a friend for a few day stay) 
-I have to turn back on the border to Newport/Derby line the first night--produce bank statements, insurance records, etc for the crossing. (I spend 3 hours on the border trying to facilitate my onward travel that day) Second day, repeat...[Not allowed to pass because of not having-cash- to show for my trip, some abstract dialog about my medical insurance and an insecurity found in my -work-( I have local written references regarding this, that should make this an easy crossing...really after over 50 countries-I have never-ever- had these problems. Why Canada, Quebec at this time? After referencing and cross referencing the material, it begins to be -a problem- [I have all their required documents, suitable and internationally legal for passing the border at Quebec] Some conundrum is sought out, problems on their end...I am forced to turn back a second time after being interrogated 2 hours. (now a total of 6 hours are spent at the border, waiting for what is...a business call, from a friend/associate and onward travel. Still permission is not given. They grow angry and threatening over my persistance. [In my world of travels this has happened only a few times-and I crossed 150 borders--Most referenced in similarity to this current occasion: The border of DDR-(soviet held) East Germany-USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics- [crossing was easier-through intimidating]-Austria, on one occasion 1998, Australia-the problem, being small, it was only an hour before I was checked through.- Now Quebec comes in #3 on the list of difficult borders, with difficult border guards armed with intimidations, and some might old style packet of humiliation for new entre', for travelers, not a suggested place of entrance to Canada.
The second attempt at visiting Quebec is thwarted...I turn back to Newport and am flagged through immediately on both occasions by the US Immigration which were efficient and very helpful.
I dont think Quebec wants or understands cultural arts travelers on the frontier traveling through from Newport Vermont, all though I think they grace themselves-the border guards-a savvy crew of professional left-tackle blockers to keep, less desirable intellectuals from their borders. (More in stories)
For the next couple of days in Newport Vermont- I attempt to get more papers..holding at promise, a possible exhibition and appearance. 
After hours of weekend waiting--Monday comes, the gallery is contacted for work to be sent. 
At this point, after thousand miles of journey/travel--tired and worn out by all of this, considering---traveling on---Backtracking, so to speak. It is already one issue that the arts and culture are pretty worn down in America, likely to say, non-existent at the present time in the current life of culture. I have been wearing out 100 hours on internet, and contacts in person, to resolve the current status of 7/27/2014. 
Last night: Research till 12pm...
Considering departure south in the next couple of days...onward trip. 

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