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Ozanne the Origin of the Last Name- 

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Ozanne the Origin of the Last Name Richard Ozanne According to many documents, the last name "Ozanne" is a rare name of French-Norman Ancestry. As per my original family, accessing the name: Ozanne is one of the oldest names in the vicinity of Guernsey, an island off the coast of England and France in an area historically called Normandy. A current tally of the name, or those who have this name is said to be less than 700 people, if statistics are correct. The origin of the name may include some speculation as the derivitives of Ozanne-Ozan-Ozannes may include other area specific origins from which the name came into being.
Ozanne as the derivitive of Hossana- The Palm Bearers in the Bible for Christ. Certain legends of carriers of the Holy Grail across the Channel Islands may be legend but there seems to be a somewhat interesting path of this origin. Did the Grail pass over the channel islands? We are not certain of this but there are tell tale legends of religious knights passing this way in the many centuries past. One can look at this with interest from some perspective during the times of the crusades and the bridge between (corridor) between the land of England and France as being an important landing for crossing of the channel. The Hossanas were people who cried "Save Us" or "Rejoice". One can do some speculation on some history here, especiall in Northern France where there is a town called Ozan and some say a river-Ozan. (The "ne" off or on tend to be un-noticable as to the pronunciation of Ozan or Ozanne) In Hebrew Hossana has an interesting sound and seems to be interlaced with the words of Roshana' in some ways- Christian names with Hebrew origins may or may not be interlaced into deeper meanings-
There are rivers in Turkey and parts of Arabia which have the names Ozan attached.
Now this is pure speculation but the word Ozan having a similar sound may have been a precurser of the origin of a name Ozanne in some perspectives.
In Arabic the word "Azen" is the time to pray. Some similarities may occur in the sound of the difference between Ozan- and Azen, but this is pure specultaion as to the roots of the names origin as perhaps rooting in either Turkey or Mesopotamia.
Oannes- Is a mythological demi-god from the era of Mesopotamia and legend.
A brief encounter with the word Oannes may be another interesting [name] sound which could have some figurative relationship for a possible origin- Ozanne-Ozanne-Oannes, the "z" missing, but having a extremely speculative possibility of origin especially since in Turkey: The River Ozan was famous for the Trubadors who used to camp out by its banks- The nature of the word Ozan-Ozanne-O(z)annes or Ozannes seems to be perceptive toward a mention of water in nearly all cases-
Rivers-Streams-and a half-man, half fish that seemed to come from the sea-The Legend of O(z)annes-

The Story of Oannes

"At first they led a somewhat wretched existence and lived without rule after the manner of beasts. But, in the first year appeared an animal endowed with human reason, named Oannes, who rose from out of the Erythian Sea, at the point where it borders Babylonia. He had the whole body of a fish, but above his fish's head he had another head which was that of a man, and human feet emerged from beneath his fish's tail. He had a human voice, and an image of him is preserved unto this day. He passed the day in the midst of men without taking food; he taught them the use of letters, sciences and arts of all kinds. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth, and showed them how to collect the fruits; in short he instructed them in everything which could tend to soften human manners and humanize their laws. From that time nothing material has been added by way of improvement to his instructions. And when the sun set, this being Oannes, retired again into the sea, for he was amphibious. After this there appeared other animals like Oannes."

Puirely conjectural connection perhaps-

My family "Ozanne" came to an origin in the United States with its original roots in the Channel Islands- During the early 20th century (my great grandmother an Ozanne) had brothers and sisters who still lived in the Channel Islands sending letters back and forth through the years. The Ozanne and Marsh families were very close in the vicinity of Cleveland Ohio during the turn of the century- An Albert Ozanne was actually living with my grandparents until his death and then there were frequent visitors such as his brother Charles E Ozanne, a school teacher and metaphysician who often came and visited (His concepts and original ideas were rather unorthodox amongst Marsh and Ozanne family members but he was known to have worked with C G Rhine on a foundation of ESP which Charles E Ozanne latter left his life savings in development (Ozanne made a great deal of money from stock investiment portfolios from the Marsh Family (namely my uncle) that had a seat on wall street prior to the 1929 crash- There was Beatrice Chaporalle Ozanne, my grand aunt- a student of piano and violin at the Dresden Conservatory in the late 1800's- Her memories of taking a class with Johannes Brahms as well as hearing him play enlightened the musical imagination, but only some faded photographs are testimony (in Dresden where she went to school)-

Our family is of the French side of the Ozanne clan- Related to Pierre who was brother of Richard Mansell Ozanne, there was legend of a family crest for Ozanne that dated back to the times of Edward III- I personally would have thought this to be legend if I didnt have the original papers in hand laid in black paper with white lettering as well as engraved cote of arms in the name of "Ozanne" Fox et Force"- I visited the College of Arms in London and found my family there, well piedered out, and only one Albert Ozanne at the very end of the chart-My great grandmothers Brother- He was a nostalgia and memento carrier for the family, holding on to ancient articals which probably could have been discarded long ago- Packets of letters and old parchment with ribbons tie me well into Ozanne (at least on the matriarchal line-all being sisters, and my uncle Albert passing his documents on with fondness to my father as a young boy- His middle name was Ozanne, and he moved it to first eventually catch the "ne" for the first name of Ozan-Marsh/ Ozanne James Marsh as seen on his military record-

Deep history- Our Ozanne name has been around 'a looooong' time if any of those old parchments were correct- It goes back to Rollo of the Vikings and up through the Kings of England until the family Cateret came into the family tree- All those names Albani, Cateret (Cartier), St Liz, etc have some interesting lines, most notably French- It was quite a wild ride to see, if it is correct things like Albani in my chart (goes back to the Pope-if correct-Albani being the first French Pope of the Catholic Church) and others, that make there way to Maria Teresa of Austria, etc etc- and then into Poland! King Stanislav Agustus Pontitowski appears (as per name) on the scrolls of ancestry to one named Richard Ozanne of Poland in the 17th Century. Stanislav Agustus was the first democratically elected King of Poland. Unfortunately with a short reign as monarch he became lover of Catherine the great of Russia! What an adventure in discovery! English ancestry has another turn in the path of my born name of Marsh as well as "Ozanne" giving unique spotlights of very interesting family lines that passed through the centuries. One thing- I am, a direct ancestor to William the Conquer through his sister! Now how does that play on a study of lineages. Smack right down the line one after another king, prince and duke- England and France! I would laugh at this sometimes an hope to gain brownie points for something, except there was proof, and is proof of this today "The Ducal Ring of Normandy" persay with a long legend attatched to it as well! Oh well what can one really say- Yes its a ring, and even when I had it examined its as old as "Matilda" and probably dates back a thousand years-980 years was a guesstimate by one jeweler, 700 years was the estimate by another purveyor of jewelry history who initally saw it and found this peculiar (without ever knowing its origin-but not bidding for it either, his first initial reaction was: "that's a different style!", his eyes kind of paused in inquiry as his eyebrows rose-those kind of diamonds havent been mined for a long time!-
"And there hand cut!

"Definitely made for a Monarch!" inspected one. There is the aspect of legend, but proof of this exists evidently in charters and rolls that are kept, hopefully somewhere protected. The legend has it that something of happened to William and it was his sister that came- Proof of his death came with the delivery of the Ducal Ring, still chipped and missing one diamond from the fall off the horse- He died and that ring was passed generation to generation- I cant say it isnt awesome- One fellow professional jeweler commented that he could never drill a mass of diamonds in to a giant Sapphire unless it were made for some  King at that time- 

Well it went back East to a vault with some family-not soon forgotton and well kept- Just mementos I thought to myself- I like the old parchments too! But that is yesteryear, this is the exciting world of "everyones the same" and I must be content for that because that can be very soothing! But darn it---this other stuff goes back a long time! Perhaps Im a relative of "the Queen"! No, that lead in the Ozanne family would be too many generations removed to be anything important! Besides it is not important anyway---or could it be? Oh I have no more questions, tapping it as Nostalgia riddled in hearaldry! It is quite interesting though that Im one of the few direct ancestors though! Oh there are probably billions by now! But not, unfortunately. It seems some of those family lines were really small. The Ozanne c.2012 only having members of less than 1000 in number worldwide. The attachment of the name Ozanne and Marsh a trickling effect down through the ages that remains in a very small number. The Family Name: Marsh Original perspective bring less mystery to the subject. The Marsh Clan, of whom I have in my background as well as Ozanne originated from the Boston area, and are the original Boston clan. I looked into some history here and was amazed again. Truth being some perspective all I have to do is read a DNA test page and be surprised at its perspective. The kit costs a little over two-hundred and brings up origins, and perhaps destinies, if one believes in DNA and its testing proceedures. Im not one of the believers in 100% accuracy however, or even 25% for that matter, being of a inclination that God provided man his original origin in a different perspective...but for those believers: (Marked on a number of sheets, unreadable to anybody but a scientist) The US principle origin-Boston. Big highlights in the North East, given peppered effects to the location.(my close cousins). A few small dots in the western US to where they lived...perhaps remanents of my mothers family. Crowded red blotches in Normandy, and parts of England and France trickling down to Italy and up through Northern Germany, Lithuania, Carpathian Poland-Central Europe...dots in Northern Russia crossing to the Caucause vicinity. A few speckles south to the cradle of civilization. (I could perhaps introject here, that there was a strong Hebrew presence. I know that we were the House of Judah. And then those speckles in Australia..New Zealand, according to this perspective, some assembly of recognized markers. What got to me were the stronger markers, according to this study: Ironically the same markers of presences of those early European Americans, the settlers of the original colonies. Yes, -it is not imagined-, and is true... that the Marshes have three signatories of the US Declaration of Independence, Mayflower etc,. and that's just a start. I guess Im more American than I thought!

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