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The Porch--Three unfinished sketches c.2014) 

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The Porch

Richard Ozanne c. 2014


RichardOzanne Notes...Howmany thoughts are exchanges on a place called..."The Porch"Now in contemporary times we are phased to internet, the office,construct of mechanical business places which have similarities to avirtual 'Porch'. But not really. Seeing eye-to-eye, havingdiscussions about a myriad of things pro and con, enlighteningconversations which don’t necessarily include the 'I made a milliondollars...", but more heart felt discussions about life, how theday is going, meeting, gracing family, embracing strangers, wasalways the facilitation of "the porch". Now withinternet...our virtual porch spreads out unevenly among themasses...if their on face-book...if they have technological means."The Porch" is a place left to the imagination in ourtactical and technical world somehow devoid of human-ness andintegrated into digital apprehension...wondering if there is only anavatar on the other end to greet you...virtual, and reallynon-existent (having to deal with it however). "The Porch"was a place of learning about others, as well as ourselves, andreaching out as well as reaching in. It did not have anything to dowith profits per say---the world however driving that to our #1purpose in life..."The Ladder" (It does not exist...only aweak metaphor, for something we are entrained to do, supposed todo...keep up and excel over the Jones. "the Porch" exists,"The Ladder?" propped up or sometimes on its side, as thecase may be...the metaphor of an escalator, for those who know mayindicate- "Remember those you see on the top? We will meet againon some other realm of this escalator...wave, because we have metbefore!", an analogy given to me by several who have taken thatsame means...Was it a ladder? An Escalator? or a "Porch",in life where we discussed, learned our struggles, taught others theparameters of avoiding pits, and making Everest climbs..."ThePorch", perhaps it all starts here...and leaves "Ladder"to another wonderment of life’s seasonal realities.

What islife’s main purpose? To pit the struggle mildly (against itself)one may have discussion after discussion, but come to the a vagueapprehension of something very sublime...existence itself.

Now toexist for one, is not to exist as another! We are each pitted againstthe definition of what is 'existence'. To some it may be the 130 footyacht, or pleasure boat sailing on the gentle and restful seas, ahouse crowned with gold bullion, never an attempt to separate ourstruggle with what surrounds us. Existence may be hand to mouthdesperate struggles on fields of war, battlefronts, commentaries thatmake only abstract attempts to tell us what this 'existence' is. Forothers it may be sublime. In commentary it may be work-a-week 14hours, rest, continue, pay off the mortgage and send the kids toschool. This sums up a proper existence for many.

Forsome still, aggravated by curiosity, it is to make something betterthan what existed before. Perhaps we are philosophers, writers,poets, artists or musicians. Our world is a curious stage in which weprime our motives toward higher realms, that those who surround usoften experience. To put the struggle is a struggle.Given the aspects of our abilities, talents and goals each of us arelaid to the exciting pursuit of attainment. For some it maybe abillion-billion dollars! Not stretched out however, this existencecomes to a conclusion, one is rich in material strength, but how doesone spend their existence. For another it may be thestage, honing our gifts and talents to please others, and perfectourselves in the interim. The stage lights raise, but they do fall aswell, the audience gathers, and the stage eventually is set for one,there who experiences the aspects of self-relational betterment,silence as the lights dim and echo gathers.

Othershave the aspiration of a day to day world of hard labor, being ontime, clocking in at the right time, being good, getting a raiseevery several years, filling out their 401Ks and existing for thatextension of retirement, or for those whom we work for, families,goals outside ourselves.

No,there is no right or wrong way to access this element of 'existence'.It is proper in all its ways. For the farmer who lays his corn on atable for sale at 20.oo a day, or the apt mega-billionaire whosneezes and makes or loses an extra million. It all has an element ofbalance, somehow mathematically etched into the wonderment of theprecise valor of 'existence'. The brave man gets the purple medal,the worker on-time a raise, the soldier a commendation to Colonel.Those are important points, for each in their balance bear an equalweight in every direction of life, of existence. The world is acurious stage, and each of us are member crew.

Thereis a point however where we will never be able to pursue beyond...

Butthat is a different story, only memories are laid there, to rest forinspiration.

Existencedoes stop, not a hard part of the story to grapple with.

In theinterim, we should take the day as we build ourselves to produce.Make wondrous things that perpetuate the call to existence, beyondourselves. Make a painting (liven up the aspect of vision), play aninstrument (enliven the aspect of sound), do a chore (keepmoving-reach out), buy a friend (stranger) a somethingoutside oneself! (make the world around you better than it was...)
Put a magnet on the refrigerator door that says: “Do untoothers...” Its a golden rule, and has its purpose, universally inthe aspect of existence...and falls beyond that existence, a Legacy!


How many points in life does one ask, about 'why' one is is doing?

Is it a matter of routine? Is it a matter of faith...that that doing,will have a dynamic, a complexity that over-rides the initialproposal? Or is it playing the tables of luck as it stands?

In many cases it seems, although not always believable, that thethree are in motion, seemingly composite. We are raised by parentsand in schools to attain values and structures to live and survive inthe capacity of men and women in a natural existence during theextent of our lifetime.

We hone our skills to be profitable to others as well as toourselves, exercising the skill of discernment which leads us up, ouror away. The routine of school, home-life and work-a-day is a balancebeing stepped upon, hopefully nurturing us up, to what is calledsuccess, reward or a number of issues brightly viewed by our socialconstraints and ideologies. Why is one doing what they are doing? Amatter of repeated attempts make a person more capable of handlingobjectives, reaching higher. If an artist, one painting hopefullyleads to 5 and 500 others. (It is said, after the is inclined to believe one has the ability topaint—who knows?) Following the rules, measures and structures inguided attempts, if gifted with natural motor and mental abilitiesone can assume nearly every possible ambition or exceed these. Onenote in a score follows to a measure, and closely guided by a goodteacher, the measures of a particular sonata, piece or symphonybecome complete, and realized. The polishing of every phrase becomesonly after one gains not the understanding of one piece but amultitude of genre, as one composition never created a Beethoven,Mozart or Mahler...but a strong reach into the medium eventually madethe statement, either famous or to reside in a professionalconsciousness. A matter of repeat-ad-repeat is essential for anystructure to become a self-observing system in practice, theory andfullness. As youth we learn, repeat and learn the cycles of basicrealities that are told to us via metaphor and instruction, true orfalse..”Did Washington really cut down the cherry tree?..” ordoes walking under a ladder produce bad luck? (or is dangerous to theperson on top or bottom) all hidden in a likely sum of rhetoric andmetaphor. Why do we learn what we do? And why do we often repeat thesame steps in order to develop a reasonable sense of faith..catchingthis, or that, in a spun cycle off repeats- often excluding theoffset of its dynamic. Do we have faith in what is called, 'blindluck'?

Somewhere a chain links together, subject with experience. The twohave inertia and go hand in hand. Whether its pounding a nail tolearn construction or lecturing in the abode of our own living roomsto the empty space, it is a pragmatic system of preparing for later,Why, is no real answer, conclusions lead to quagmires.

Bringing to light a certain youth who had his dreams set on the pianostage being a performer, there was a series of trials-anderrors-leading to these aspirations. The youth kept with it, becamegood at what he did, practiced in silence, and became better thanthose around him...startlingly so...that in other peoples minds hewas an exception. He was pounded into the pavement by some critics,he stood as a prize fighter, and continued on his mission...apersonal goal. The time-line initiated. He studied every aspect ofwhat he was doing, and began a giant repertoire. Heard by some, andannoyed by others seeking his same path, he became a star on thestage of Carnegie Hall at the tender age of 18. On a feature note heappeared in newspapers across the country and on television. Notgiving up his efforts he pursued a degree in music, and was given ascholarship to a noted university where he passed with flying colorsmost if not all of his classes...unfortunately earning a D- in bothpsychology and sociology. Nothing stopped this young individual inbecoming the polished pianist from becoming what he wanted tobe...the concert pianist. Yet times grew strange, andordinances, as they go off in some lives, with family and friendspushed back his own expectations...and his dreams, goals andambitions. He needed the job...

He was settled on being a teacher; there were no teaching jobs. Hewas settled on a place with a major orchestra as pianist; nothingcould be found...high nor low. Our young man now in his 30's opted asa conductor, a accompanist, or back up keyboard in a local rockband...all for pay...and to feed himself hand to mouth. Our young mandrifted far from the spotlight, but acknowledged only one thing, andone thing alone...what had come before...his preparation, and skills;needed by some (maybe) or not needed as the case may be. He wasbetter than most,,,not as good as he could be to his critics.

He was playing both perspicacity and tenacity, sheer skill and blindluck for those years, jumping from jobs as a waiter, a clerk and aeventually...after some time...a teacher in a middle school teachingbasic music somewhere in Tennessee, a small apartment, no benefits.Now how come this all could happen? It does. Our young man kept hispractice and went on to hone his skills...mentally for what had beendenied to him in actual existence. He came to his mother one day forsome change, being out of money and bust by his work-a-day job(barely able to pay for the rent or electrical). His mother wasreceptive...his father, blind eye-to-eye with words: Forget thesedreams!

His father was a mid-range merchant-saleman and later an automechanic that was an honest down to earth individual, butoverwhelmingly a blind skeptic to everything that passed his wayduring the course of his drama of the 9am to 9pm world of theindustry.

He never sought out, nor expected, but lived in his own words:Life as a normal, working person. His expectations grounded in thesame profession his father worked.

His mother, an elder-care nurse and home-maker preserved theyoung mans dreams offering him a home even in the tightest binds oflife that sometimes one goes through.

He had noticed a little investment that got his wassomething regarding medicine, and required an investment. He didn’thave any idea of what he was investing in, and his mother helped. Thestock skyrocketed to stellar realms, reinvested and became amultimillion/million dollar investment, that brought the young mannow in his mid 40's out of his regular job and beginning to invest inmusic schools and cultural institutes. The man returned to his piano,and played sometimes to neighbors and friends, from the comfort ofhis great mansion. People would gather around never knowing of hisbackground...the entire element of learning and growing going fullcircle now a big philanthropist of the arts.

Now in a similar case there was a young person with not so much butaverage ability, scarcely a degree, a drug related record, andsymposium of problems that cured themselves...becoming the Dean ofFine Arts (Amazing?)

The aspects of preparation sometimes are lenient on 'desired'outcome, no firm rules applied, only general principles describingthe outcome.

The world is filled with good intentions...

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