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The Search for Eden..American Road 2014 (Gerorgetown KY) 

Date Range: 05/29/2014 To 05/31/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 517
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This story is in  metaphor, meaning it is meant to be relative to real life, rather an echo of situations occuring..or have actually occured. This section takes place in Georgetown KY, in an adventures that continues along the roads and highways...and off ramps. 

The Auto Breakdown
This story begins here with an auto breakdown at a station somewhere in modern day America..setting-small town/industrial town- Kentucky. It is the end of spring and beginning of summer...a very very hot summer. The mechanic after studying the transport- accesses a bill for labor that puts a very well educated, intelligent (Phd. MSc. etc) and noted scholar (Dr. Steven Jacobs) and his lady partner--Not Married/but dated at one time, traveling partner- (Elisa) at risk (the setting for the scholar is between jobs, between settings from Spring to Autumn Semesters after getting a temporary summer lay off notice from the university where he once works.
Elisa is studying for a Bible Based Ministry and has a Evangelical temperment (He was her only friend, and offered her to come on a trip that was only going to last several days...but now is featured in a roadside drama).  He is now job seeking. Nothing is coming his way. Options are few and far between in a 21st century America where the depression is set)...the risks of the American road. One thinks that there are reasonable people around at all signposts and in all communities...the recognition of this misgiving is seen. No one is offering any assistance, as numerous phone calls are placed and no one is of assistance. (Two on the road, without an opportunity for help) With their last money they get an offbeat motel room which serves as a temporary base. They receive a little money for their stay there from a relative who knows their predicament. Locally no one offers much if any help as their funds dry up for food and other necessities. The predicament becomes a struggle, two people against a small town, small minded world. (Dr Jacobs) trying to make the best of things walks about town and applies for all openings (a possible job) and makes pleas for help due to his situation. 
The situation becomes arguments over food with his partner (Elisa).
The plot thickens as funds dry up and nothing appears on the calls unanswered...friends not willing to help out in the predicament. 
Dr. Jacobs finds a small unmarked Job Service run by a fellow and his wife who were one time farmers of the area. After pleas for help they find one job for Dr. Jacobs that pays something...though not the pay he had been used to having after the University. The job, at a factory that builds tractors is far beyond the imagination of Dr. Jacobs reasoning...but would, if effort would be utilized, make just enough for survival on a 8 hour work day..building tractors on the line. (The story represents the rift of 'doing what one has American Society'. He takes the job working in a hot factory counting tools, nuts and bolts and sorting parts during the climate which grows hotter and hotter as the summer grows on. Elisa looks on...Dragged into industry from an academic profession, Dr. Jacobs pushes the 8-10 hour day through the night in order to pay for even the most basic expenditures. At work, he pleas his case and background...with a slave driver over his head as boss and an inner contempt building in several states of doubt of the situation around him. He isnt paid enough. The hours are long and his physical limbs are aching. No reprieve is in store. The big dream, (perhaps the biggest, is to get on the road again...and return to someplace they know, or that the economy is is more fruitful. 
This story is elongated...(The Intellectual-Dr. Jacobs) facing his worst nightmares in a hard labor job. 
The story ends, the road continues...although it is sure to go on for the rest of the summer. It was a hand of faith. 

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