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The White Angel..An Angel Encountered. 

Date Range: 05/20/2009 To 05/20/2011   Comments: 0 Views: 10813
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The White Angel ...

If experience is not given to an instance, meeting others along ones' path may be a godsend, others whos unique existence plays a counterpoint and inspiration.
I know her. She has sent many away. Still others are wondering, who the enigmatic woman is, a often curious sight by some, and others mention. Many people have not really known her. She has kept her existence out of sight of many living a very single solitary existence here in Sedona, for the very reason that many would not understand her ideas or concepts.
Her name is "White Angel", this is all I will tell the reader. As for names, they are witheld sometimes to protect identity.
She is a strong and powerful person, and had survived quite a number of ordeals during her Sedona encounter.
Was she A trained master of some ideological cult? This may be ones first guess partially because of her ability to pursuade. Her shock of white hair glistening in the sunlight may indeed catch a great deal of attention. Was there some ad-mix between astrology and supersition, L Ron Hubbard and right-wing orthodox Christianity that was guiding her...a few moments alone with her one would be convinced of some kind of involvement in a Matrix. But then again this was more appearance, or I found it to be so. Still there was a mystery about her that was curious, that defied whom I had met previously, and one could only summize an energy about her that was quite ethical and pure energy.  I met this wonderful lady "White Angerl" in Sedona, nearly on the half-way point of my residence here. Our meeting seemed to be particular to the circumstance, and somehow a driven encounter worthy of publication.
White Angel was a mystical lady who had an encounter similar to my own in Sedona. It was a chance meeting and some similarities could be addressed immediately upon our encounter with one another.
I was on my way to a 'interview', rather audition for a movie called "More than a Kiss" when I met the White Angel. I received a good speaking part and was rather enthusiastic that day. It seemed somewhat an irony that it was in this passing that we became friends.
Later we met and had wonderful conversations regarding circumstances of life here that were all comparable in instances.

White Dove came from an important historical family whos ancestors, as history recounts, were some of the most significant members of the American Revolution. Her last name is a stable at the library for the very dictionary that we use was written by her direct decendant. A great-great-great grandaughter of the American Revolution perhaps might be a good description...decendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie.
White Dove had all the history clearly studied and quite a pedigree as well as one of those individuals one does not easily forget.
She was a keeper of health in her present circumstance and live and natural food advocate. I was very grateful for her help and companionship during the month long recovery period after my surgury. White Dove was a student of the great Ann Wigmore a purveyor and activist of the Live Food movement in the 1980's-90's in Boston MA and moved to Arizona to set up a live whole food environment that certainly would have been of benefit to the area of Sedona. Certainly she was an expert on all of it.
She was intuitive as well as selective in her diet as well as her viewpoints of the conditions of the environment and the food we eat. Her selective counsul was a help in finding the right choices of food and environment. I learned so much from her about the chemistry of the products which we buy from the stores that do not necessarily benefit our living and physically sustainable conditions as well as the cautions given through her as to our environmental problems and conditions which we currently live. It was a continual lesson in nature as well as philosophy and psycology and chemistry. Working with Ann Wigmore from the Wigmore Foundation in Boston, she lead me into great insights about what we could do to promote our health and well being. Natural Flavors
Natural Colors
Many interesting throughts regarding the contents of these as well as cautionary statements that were quite verifiable and has become part of new intriguing movements to improve our living conditions, were a large part of the extended conversations we had.
She had seen a great deal in her life. Her stories were without ends, a remarkable life, lead on a very highly ethical basis, to be accounted for in some great future successes, unfortunately troubled here by conditions outside the normal day to day paradox of life in Sedona. She had come here too seeking healthy conditions as well as to promote the environment. The Stories which she would encounter seemed to be from a guilded nature and wings to simple paradox. She fought for the environment and awareness of healthy foods as well as  better conditions for us to live and eat.
White Angel had been a gymnast, award winning skier, horse-lady and natural foods advocate after a fight with a deadly disease caused by the environment, that was cured by the dimension of Whole Foods and processes. She also was a singer who challenged the music scene with her voice and music videos in the 90's climbing to the top of the charts..and like some, left the stage to a personal reflection of what the future may hold, prefering the "Silent Realm", or the less obvious place where one may choose to place themselves for the resource of personal spirituality.
There are Blue Jays in her midst..
and song of the Cardinal.
Planets may be justapoitioned, charts examined.
One might say she is direct in her way...or too direct, through the spirit of voice that may otherwise entail the mystical.
Some have called her a Goddess...A White Eagle, and others, the White Angel. As for how one person sees is their own point of view, an aspect to their framework. 
I saw her spin fire from her fingertips in long strands about a thread width in beautiful colours.  
I witnessed a silver and gold glow, as she went into tongues and a procession of languages which she somehow understood as she had some uncanny gift of this. White Angel is always a mystery.
Our talks could be about chemistry to physics, the human realm to the higher realm...and the impossible configurations of things, as well as the solid state existence of matter as matter in the physical realm.
She is a critic...and almost impossible at that, leaving no stone unturned...and all whatever one does, in detailed description,is under a microscope, rearranged and reconstructed.
Oh how could this writer, being a sole hobbiest in the matter, ever last or survive an introjection...the feeling that there is only one way...and this the only way. 
How many spelling errors?
And how does one not want to end up..pressing the "delete" button for an essence  permanence and sanctity of having some certain things left unsaid?
What to say and how to say it, if not directly and candidly aimed like an arrow...poetic verse disabled, put down like an aged pet that has little strength.
How can I describe her? She had survived great circumstance in Sedona and was walking right straight through her life, but not without many incidents and many occurances that left me curious to both counsul and warning.
5 and 6th to 80 dimensional constructs are a little left for the imagination. The Cube a metaphore. Abstractions are too inviting alluding to a piercing sense of reality 20/20. Irony has its convienience.  Facing the same issues...there was compassion left to our pair, yet we were the best of friends.  
The White Angel 

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