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Best Day Of My Life 

Date Range: 03/01/2014 To 07/14/2014   Comments: 0 Views: 778
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The first time I actually talk to him was the day that we became together and that was the day that I wasn't so sure about him and when he got in the truck with me and my best friend here boyfriend which is his brother I wasn't so sure that day about him until we let Hunter and Kayla drive and they made me sit by Taylor and in that truck is where everything happen first we held hands, then we kissed and then the make out happen. but that was the best night of my life even though we ran out of gas when Taylor got in, and it was way awkward at first but his lips that first kiss was perfect and I wouldn't change that for anything in the whole world because that night is a good memory and the last 4 months and 14 days have been thee best days ever.(:

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