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Bob Busby

The Villages

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Written by: Bob Busby

Living The Life This morning while reading the news paper, snacking on Tabasco Peppers, boiled egg, toast, and drinking coffee, my mind drifted from present day to memories of my Grand Father. Yep, the image of Charles Cloy Busby Sr. (PaPa) came to me, could hear his voice telling me about his life growing up in Texas working as a farmer and how Tabasco Peppers were his favorite breakfast item as long as they were served with toast, boiled egg and coffee. PaPa was one of those stoic Texas farmers, he worked hard all his life, did not smile that often, loved his family and lived a long life (90s). Over the years while I was growing up in Waco Texas, PaPa made sure the family got together once a year for a family reunion to keep the family acquainted. While Mama (Pearl Terry Busby) was still living I would visit Papa and Mama on Saturdays early in the morning, they got up at 6AM if they slept at all. They loved cooking breakfast together. Watching them cook you would think they did not get along, they argued about how to boil the eggs, or crack the eggs, fry the eggs, fry the bacon, toast the toast, butter the toast, but they were having the time of their life cooking with each other. They enjoyed having me eat breakfast with them and spending some time with them every week. Wile Papa was moving around he stayed with us for a year, it was always fun to hear his stories, when he would tell stories, but eating breakfast with him was interesting. As mentioned, Papa liked Tabasco Peppers, he grew his own, he always had a Tabasco Pepper plant growing somewhere around the house, picked them as needed and ate them with his breakfast. When I ask Papa why he ate Tabasco Peppers every day with breakfast he told me he was told by his elders Tabasco Peppers would boost your metabolism, keep you from getting headaches and keep you from depression and as he would say it “Lord Knows I Do Not Need To Be Depressed” and then he would chuckle, not laugh. After Mama died in her 60s, Papa lived alone for a time, then with family members till he needed special care and spent his last year at a elders care facility in Mart, Texas where he died of a heart attack (family told me this, I was away in the Army) trying to help another elderly man get back in bed. As we get older we just never know who will come to visit and eat breakfast with us, memories are always just a blink away and can be so real at times.

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