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so what's been up at social services 

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Well to start with we get our names (not my name personally) but the agency's and other social workers names splattered all in the newspapers around our county because of what people did who are no longer even with our agency did a year or so ago. Yes is was a bad decision, no I don't think I would have made those decisions, but the county has been under scrutiny of the community now and the state for some time. The supervisor who was part of the mess left the agency, a good person, likeable, I just think I would have made a different decision in the case in question. So what do our wise leaders do? They manage to get the board to approve a second supervisory position. So there were two openings. Let's see, I've been there 7 years, always done excellent work, I know how to do almost everything there other than foster care, but these positions were not over foster care. Well they choose someone who has been at the agency maybe 4 years, and for 3.5 of those years with foster care, so she knows nothing about case management, and only a little about investigations. and for the life of me I could not figure out why. Well on facebook, the female they chose has pictures of the program manager at her daughter's birthday party. Well I was very angry and disappointed about that. It was a slap in the face, not just for me, but for those who were even more qualified than I. So I'm like ok, I'll apply for the second position, and who do they choose for that position? A man, a man who has not even been with us a year. He can't screen a report, so when people make a report about child abuse, he has no fucking idea what to do about it and thinks I'm going to train him. what the fuck ever dude, you're making the big bucks now, you figure it out. And he has no idea how to take custody of a child in an emergency, yet he is a supervisor for oncall and tries passing the buck to other people who he knows are far more competent than he is. Awesome administration decision there, especially when we are being scrutinized by the state, put people in charge who are clueless. WAY to go assholes. and of course I'm diligently trying to find a job somewhere else, outside of child protective services because oncall is for the fucking birds. Last month I can't even remember how many times I was oncall. but one weekend me and another lady in her 60's who's only recently been in remission for cancer pulled 30 hours straight because our very intelligent supervisors thought it was a good idea to have social workers oncall for 3 days in a row ( after they have worked a full week) . So when I interviewed for the 2nd supervisor position and asked what I would do differently I told administration I would not have workers on call for 3 days in a row (Fri, Sat, Sun) and told them that after being up for 27 hours straight, this other worker and I had to drive children for another hour out of town to a foster home, and had we had a wreck from exhaustion, it could have been another problem for the agency. (that policy was changed that day)but I was passed up for a weiner, probably cause he has a dick and I don't. So I was oncall again tonight. I get back to the office about 5:30pm and some other worker's case is blowing up, (and that's my problem why? Why can't that worker handle it and let me go the fuck home?) The case involves a boy under 6 who was put into the home of parental friends because the parents too sorry to take care of their own kids. Dad's in jail for beating someone in the head with a bat, mom is MIA. Well here comes dad's father, and two sisters to DSS with the boy well call Speck. So grandpa and sisters say that this family where Speck was placed (we'll call dad of that family George, and Mom Mimi) that Mimi gave Speck aderrall that was not prescribed to him to help him go to sleep, and that they jerk him up by the arm and beat him with a board. They said he is "covered" in bruises. So we look at the kid, he's got a bruise the size of a dime on the back of his elbow and a small rectangular bruise on his lower back. This grandfather says he is taking the child home with him, We tell him he has to wait until we speak to the parents and get their permission, grandpa says he's taking the child home and gets the child by the hand and starts walking away, we tell him he will charged with kidnapping and he says he's taking him home and keeps walking towards a car, we are following him and the aunts are screaming at him and acting crazy telling him to stop, they don't want him to get arrested, but that is just egging him on, apparently he likes drama. When the child is removed from him he becomes very loud and screaming and making hostile gestures and walking towards a social worker like he is going to hit her screaming at her to the top of his lungs (with a severe speech impediment) I dial 911, they (911 operators) can hear what's being said and 3 cop cars show up and he is still doing the whole scream and take his finger and point from sky to ground in a swift motion at that poor social worker. I am standing there waiting for things to get violent and had that happened I think I would have physically tried to intervene. When the cars stopped right in front of us I motion towards pissed off elmer fudd to cops. Then I take who I thought was the mother and the child into the building so child does not see anymore of this carnival. Turns out it was a paternal aunt and not the child's mother. Child is screaming and crying he doesn't want his paw paw to go to jail. The aunt is crying and saying she doesn't want him to go jail either instead of trying to calm the child. I pat the child on the arm and tell him and the aunt that whether paw paw goes to jail or not is paw paw's decision and is going to be based on how paw paw Chooses to act. Well aunt and child calm down inside the building away from the drama. While they are in another room I ask another Social Worker to sit with them so I can call the supervisor, we'll call Mr. Prep. I'm asking Mr. Prep what do we do, take custody, and if we take custody doesn't that require that we take all the children? There was 6 in that home. I knew he didn't want to have to go through all that although the SocialWorker to whom the case belonged "Steam Pot" wanted us to take custody so she wouldn't have to deal with the family anymore, and have us be the bad guy. Mr. Prep did not give me any instructions but instead said he was coming to the office, so don't do anything yet. In the mean time I am getting calls from the Emergency Communication Center at the same time all this crazy shit is going on from people who want to make new reports of child abuse. And I have to call the family George and MiMi on whom all the current allegations were being made regarding their care for Speck. George and MiMi are people who have taken in and adopted 2 other children already and have 3 children of their own. Dad works full time as a regular laborer and doesn't make a ton of money, but they make it work. George has to miss work to do this, and the crazy ass father family's is still sitting outside in the parking lot, and are starting to pile up (more coming in to join the fight). Now we'll nickname the crazy ass father's family the Clampits. The Clampits continue to hang around and argue with whomever they see and later George and Mimi and 5 other children show up at our door, and have to stand out there with the Clampits.  I direct the aunt who is inside with the child to leave because I don't want the family to run into the Clampit aunt in the building.  The child sits with another Social Worker who was kind enough to hang around long enough for my "back up" worker to come in and sit with him.  (she is the idiot SW I wrote about before, telling a woman who speaks spanish only to speak in English if she is going to speak, in this woman's own house)  I'm trying to do 5 things at once, and the back up worker tries saying "I need to ask you some questions"  UMM no, you need to sit your ass in that room with child and keep him safe and try to act like you have some sense so I can do MY JOB.  I take MiMi and George into another room and interview them they say that this is all over MiMi and the Clampit Aunt,  they had "developed feelings for each other" (George's words)  Mimi," But we didnt do anything"  George," yeah well you almost did"  and Mimi broke off the "freindship" with Clampit aunt, who was stalking them, or Mimi, was coming into thier house at night and standing at thier bedroom door and rummaging throught thier things when they were asleep.  I then interview the children who all tell me it was the aunt who gave Speck an adderall that was not prescribed to him, and the aunt who jerked him up by the arm once and whipped him with a belt.  George and Mimi said they don't whip children, because where they lived before, it was illegal. 

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