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Justin Bieber saved me 

Posted on: 01/01/2014   Comments: 0   Views: 328  

My name is Terri, I'm 18 years old and I want to share my feelings with you. My feelings about Justin Drew Bieber.. There was a time I was feeling down and I felt like everyone was against me and try to tear me down on the most painfull ways. I never thought it would come so far that I was feeling alone and helpless. I was crying myself to sleep so I tried to find some comfort in music. There was all kind of music I was listening to, but in the end Justins songs were the one who helped me falling asleep because it warmed my heart. I didn't know if it was his voice or the lyrics but eventually I felt like listening to him was the only way to make me feel better. Ofcourse I had my best friends who were always there for me and they still are, but I was missing something and I finally found it. One day I saw 'Never say never' and somehow it was really emotional, so I called my friend right after I saw the movie to ask her if she wanted to come with me to his concert. The tickets were almost sold out so we had second rang but I was okay with that. I watched the movie seriously like 10/15 times before the day of the concert finally arrived. That day was so special to me.. I still get goosebumbs when I think of it. The adrenaline was all over my body and after all what I just told you I found a place where I was feeling comfortable, surrounding by all those people with each a different story. But there was one thing in comment between all of us.. Justin was our inspiration. He taught me to Never say never and to believe. He doesn't even know me in person and he never will, but with all of his wise words, with his beautiful story and the way he never gives up on anything that he really wanted, he made me into a better person. A better person who thinks twice before she makes a decision, who learned from her past mistakes, and who is still wanting to be better and better. I'm so thankful.. and I'm proud to be in his big family even though other people judge me for believing in Justin. I will never give up, and I can't even let go of him anymore. Because i'm afraid I'm going to be the same person I used to be, and I didn't like the old me.. idk why. I can finally say I'm happy now. I have a lovely boyfriend, great friends and I let go of the past.. It doesn't excist anymore :) So this was my story, and I'm thankful you read it. But the most thankful am I of Justin.. Thank you Justin.. for saving me.

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