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Big Things 

Posted on: 5/20/2012   Comments: 0   Views: 310

I just got back from a 3 week work trip to Oregon to commission a new machine. I originally went for training, but they were only able to get one person there with me instead of two which meant I needed to do the work of the second person. I'm still trying to decide if that was secretly the plan all along, or if they actually meant to send me there for training. Anyway, with a large assist from the other field service engineer I was able to hopefully do a satisfactory job on the commissioning. Time will tell if I forgot to check something, but for now it looks like I've taken a big step away from being a trainee. This trip taught me a lot about where my technical knowledge gaps are and what it takes to be a professional. While my machine was being tested by the process authority, the guy was criticizing the way it was working, even though it met the specifications. I was bothered that he was questioning my machine and the design that had obviously been tried and tested before it ever got to this place, so I only half listened to him. Still, I brought up his concerns to the other field service engineer with whom I was working. He thanked the process authority for his input then we both took a closer look at our set points and the steps in the process. To my surprise, we found a set point that I hadn't really looked into before that cut one step from 27 minutes to 12 and improved the overall performance of our machine. Even though the process authority's specific ideas were wrong, he knew something was off about the performance and was trying to help make it better. I need to remember that criticism, especially the kind with good intentions, will only make me better if I give it an honest listen. The other big thing that is related to this trip is once I get paid the overtime and per diem, my net worth will be above zero! I don't think I've mentioned it here yet but I got a raise from last year. When I couple that with all the food money from traveling and getting paid for overtime since I was able to bill the customer for my time, it adds up to a solid increase in wages that bumps me out of the red. Lastly, I'm starting to ramp up the personal health. I'll give an update on that at the end of this week since I have a feeling it will be a lot easier now that I'm back home. Until next time, Brian Follow your heart Respect your relationships Fear nothing

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